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When you take good care of something, it tends to last longer. This is usually true for cars, homes, appliances, and vacuums. ProTeam backpack vacuums are no exception. While these units are known for their long lifespan, they perform better and last even longer with proper maintenance.

Help ensure your ProTeam backpack unit works optimally by paying attention to a few things— filters, cord care, and proper storage. To make caring for your units easy, we have removed all the guesswork regarding routine maintenance.

Care for Your Vacuum’s Motor by Taking Care of Your Vacuum’s Filters

ProTeam vacuums operate with powerful suction. Appropriate airflow is dependent upon clean and properly functioning filters. While the primary purpose of the filters is to capture and contain dust, dirt, and other particles, they also help prevent debris from damaging the motor. Never use a ProTeam backpack vacuum without filters in place.

The filtration system of most ProTeam backpack vacuums is comprised of four different filters:

  • Intercept Micro Filter
  • Micro Cloth Filter
  • Dome Filter
  • Post-Motor HEPA Media Filter
  • ProTeam Filter Maintenance
  • ProTeam ProLevel Filtration
  • To make sure your backpack unit’s motor can function at peak performance, follow these guidelines for filter maintenance.

For the Intercept Micro Filter

  • Empty and inspect the Intercept Micro Filter every time you start and finish vacuuming
  • Replace the filter if any tears or clogged pores are present

For the Micro Cloth Filter

  • Daily check for tears in the rubber gasket or cloth
  • Hand or machine wash once a month and let the filter AIR dry (do not put in a dryer or use fabric softener)

For the Dome Filter

  • This should be cleaned weekly
  • Shake out, rinse the foam filter, and let it AIR dry

For HEPA Media Filter

  • Inspect these filters monthly and replace them when they become discolored

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In addition to these quick and easy ProTeam repairs, take advice, get the machine to us and we will ensure reliable and affordable service, tune-up, and repair.

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