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                                               The SEBO ET-1 Powerhead aggressively cleans carpets and hard floors. The brush roller may be turned off to clean delicate rugs & hard surfaces. Along with its ability to deep clean floors, the SEBO ET-1 is equipped with the most amazing steering capabilities that provide easy maneuverability around furniture.  Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet PowerLine Vacuum  Riccar vacuum Retriever is a perfect companion to your pets. Also features Tandem Air cleaning technology, on-board tools and a 5 year warranty.  The New Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog replaces the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog.  All the versatility and maneuverability of an Dynamic U1 Upright, plus Active Air Clean filter and STB 101 Handheld Turbobrush to make this the ideal upright for homes with pets.  Acevacuums central vacuum consultants provide repair services, parts and accessories for all central vacuum brands. We sell one of the leading manufacturers of central vacuums like NuTone Central Vacuum, MD Central vacuum, Riccar central vacuum, Cyclovac central vacuum, Beam central vacuum, Cana-Vac central vacuum, Vacu-Flo central vacuum and many more.  The SEBO ET-1 Powerhead aggressively cleans carpets and hard floors. The brush roller may be turned off to clean delicate rugs & hard surfaces. Along with its ability to deep clean floors, the SEBO ET-1 is equipped with the most amazing steering capabilities that provide easy maneuverability around furniture.   With 2-speed operation and a squeegee, the SupraLite makes quick work of vacuuming both carpets and bare floors. Featuring a metal brushroll and Hall™ sensor belt protetion, this long-lasting vacuum will exceed all expectations.   Pet hair and odors don't stand a chance with the new Retriever pet vacuum. With a granulated charcoal filter and HEPA bag to trap hair, dander and odors and a hand turbo brush for cleaning upholstery and stairs, Retriever is a perfect companion to your pets. Also features Tandem Air cleaning technology, on-board tools and a 5 year warranty.   We sell the most popular and reliable Central Vacuums for residential or commercial buildings.  Get 10 to 15% off on parts and accessories for most central vacuum cleaners.   At AceCentral vacuums, a repair Specialist will be ready to respond quickly to your central vacuum issue. Most of the central vacuum issues can be resolved over the phone by our specialist at no cost.   The MieleComplete C3 Alize is sophisticated, convenient and energy efficient. The Alize has sealed HEPA filtration, combo floor tool, spot light and auto setting. Recommended for hard floors and thin area rugs  Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet PowerLine Canister Vacuum from Acevacuums. This is the best canister vacuum for carpets and hardwood floors. The multi-stage filtration system ensures clean air while vacuuming.   Miele makes top rated U1 upright vacuums for carpets and floors. The different models of Miele uprights are Miele Dynamic U1 Cat&Dog - SHBE0 Upright vacuum cleaner, Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz - SHCE0 Upright vacuum cleaner, Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick - SHAE0 Upright vacuum cleaner, Miele Dynamic U1 HomeCare - SHCE0 Upright vacuum cleaner   Riccar Impeccable canister vacuum provides exceptional cleaning, unsurpassed sealed HEPA filtration and a vast array of convenience features. Our canister is designed for years of dutiful service on all types of surfaces.   Miele makes top rated U1 upright vacuums for carpets and floors. The different models of Miele uprights are Miele Dynamic U1 Cat&Dog - SHBE0 Upright vacuum cleaner, Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz - SHCE0 Upright vacuum cleaner, Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick - SHAE0 Upright vacuum cleaner, Miele Dynamic U1 HomeCare - SHCE0 Upright vacuum cleaner   Made in Germany, the SEBO AIRBELT D series are the best full-size, commercial-grade canister vacuum cleaners on the market today! AIRBELT D models are powerful, ultra-quiet and will provide years of reliable use!  Pet hair and odors don't stand a chance with the new Retriever pet vacuum. With a granulated charcoal filter and HEPA bag to trap hair, dander and odors and a hand turbo brush for cleaning upholstery and stairs, Retriever is a perfect companion to your pets. Also features Tandem Air cleaning technology, on-board tools and a 5 year warranty.   Riccar Vibrance Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner Model VIBDL  Miele Marin vacuum | Miele vacuums have a tremendous amount of suction. So much so, you frequently have to take them off full power for many types of rugs and carpets. Especially useful for homes with cleaning help, the C3 Marin takes all the guesswork out of choosing the right suction for the job.  Just set the vacuum to ”Auto” and forget it.  As the Marin travels from bare floors to area rugs to carpet, it senses the different flooring and changes the suction to just the right amount for the surface you’re cleanin  The Impeccable canister provides exceptional cleaning, unsurpassed sealed HEPA filtration and a vast array of convenience features. Our canister is designed for years of dutiful service on all types of surfaces.   The Oreck® Signature Collection™ vacuum features 360° Glide for easy steering, a powerful, pile-lifting roller brush, 2 speeds to accommodate carpet, fine rugs and bare floors and direct suction engineering that ensures you get the cleaning power you want with the light weight you never imagined possible.   The all new Miele Complete C3 Brilliant (formerly UniQ) is the pinnacle of performance and convenience. As Miele's flagship model, the C3 Brilliant is loaded with every feature imaginable. Recommended for carpets and hardwood floors.   The all new Miele Complete C3 Brilliant (formerly UniQ) is the pinnacle of performance and convenience. As Miele's flagship model, the C3 Brilliant is loaded with every feature imaginable. Recommended for carpets and hardwood floors.  The New Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog replaces the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog.  All the versatility and maneuverability of an Dynamic U1 Upright, plus Active Air Clean filter and STB 101 Handheld Turbobrush to make this the ideal upright for homes with pets.   Pet hair and odors don't stand a chance with the new Retriever pet vacuum. With a granulated charcoal filter and HEPA bag to trap hair, dander and odors and a hand turbo brush for cleaning upholstery and stairs, Retriever is a perfect companion to your pets. Also features Tandem Air cleaning technology, on-board tools and a 5 year warranty.  AceVacuums Stores   AceVacuums Stores  AceVacuums Stores   AceVacuums Stores  AceVacuums Stores   AceVacuums Stores  AceVacuums Stores   AceVacuums Stores  AceVacuums Stores   AceVacuums Stores   AceVacuums Stores   AceVacuums Stores     AceVacuums Stores  

Best!! The best vacuum in the Market!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ryan

Awesome!! It has twice the suction power of any other robot in the market
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Justin

Awesome piece of technology!I have pets, hardwoods and stone floors downstairs and carpeting upstairs and on my staircase. The DC 50 does an amazing job picking up the dirt and pet hair on my floors and furniture..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Laura

Powerful!! It's much lighter than any vacuum that I've ever owned and just as POWERFUL!! I would highly recommend this vacuum..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Donne

Way easier and More Convenient!! The built in hose attachments are great for a number of uses. The handheld roller brush does a great job on everything from furniture, stairs and even bedspreads. The bagless Canister has also been very easy to empty and clean..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tracey

Great quality and low weight! I love how light it is to be moved from upstairs to downstairs and as I vacuum the stairs..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Carrie

"Light and easy to use..Not limited to where you can use it as its cordless. Can be quickly and easily adapted to different floor surfaces with the unique attachments. It comes with a long reach fitting for cleaning high out of reach places around the home. The V8 is small and compact but has a very strong suction. It comes with a wall mount, which is ideal for storage when not in use and / or charging.."
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jean

Extremely powerful and effective!! So easy to use, cleans right up to the edges and good suction. Brilliant buy!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Eileen

King of the cordless vacuums!! For its versatility, its style and ease of use, this Dyson V8 is Absolutely worth the investment. It will do Ceilings, Shelves, Sofas, Curtains, Cars, Ornaments..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Crystal

It is the perfect vacuum.. So far it is fantastic! Great for smaller place and versatile. I have an almost 10 year old Miele Canister that I love but I may finally retire it for this...
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Gabbard

Best Ever!! One of the best purchases I've made. Vacuuming is no longer a chore. I absolutely love how powerful and light this thing is. Add on the fact that the attachments are very easy to change out. Highly recommend!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Erickson

Awesome Design and Craftmanship!! I was immensely pleased with the design and craftmanship in the Dyson V8. My wife loves the light weight and mobility. It is so quiet..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Dave

Very unique with Powerful fan! The fan is powerful, system is very quiet, I love it the way it stands and the look is very modern, this product saves a lots of space too. Highly recommended.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mary

Amazing Fan! Was wottied primarily about the level of noise this would have. Happy to say it is pretty reasonable. It has helped my wife with her allergies amazingly! The app that works with the fan is very neat and has showed us how many hours we have left on the filter which is quite satisfying. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Harold

Worth the price!! I had clogged sinuses from allergies so I bought this purifier. The purifier works perfect, it purifies I would say much more square ft than in the specification. It's really light so moving it would be easy. Also! It does seriously cool the air. I didn't think it would, but as soon as you turn it on you feel it. So far it works amazing over a month in, and worth the money.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Craig

Better than expected! With the HEPA filter, we've noticed an improvement in air quality. I keep it on all night as I sleep and have it set to auto during the day as I am away. The remote is able to sit on top of the purifier magnetically, it really isn't loud until you get to 8-10. Great product has helped my husband's breathing out tremendously. Would recommend it highly.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Shelley

I Recommend Dyson Pure Cool The Pure Cool Link is both a fan and a purifier. The fan works great for hot summer months allowing us to cool the area. Also, we get the benefit of a purifier, which purifies up to 0.3 microns of pollutants in the home. The Best part of it is that it is "connected" device, which enables to control, monitor and operate the machine anywhere my smartphone.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Wayne

Great Device It clear the air in small bedroom in less than 5 minutes. For larger rooms, it usually takes a little longer. To me, it's worth the price for the excellent service it provides.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jesse

Good innovative product I think this Dyson product is great, and its phone App makes it really easy to track how well it is cleaning, and control it as well. I recommend it.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Eugene

Great device!! This air cleaner is great, cleans the air well and blows cool air. Dyson continues to innovate and excel..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Anna

Amazingly quiet and works wonders!! This is a great fan with great cooling breeze power and very quiet. Helps to clean the air and in a house with cats and dogs, I had my doubts but it works wonders!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Roger

Works Great Works great to cool the room quickly. This air purifier makes a noticeable difference and does it's job during the night when I leave it on..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Arthur

Works Great! After using this for a week my allergies went away. On the lowest setting, I can barely hear it, even up close. So highly recommended.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Zach

Compact size compared to other models. The 200 series is a nicer size and looks more like an air purifier. The sound is quite soothing in terms of helping me to sleep and relax.I recommend this unit for the price. The air seems a whole lot fresher and cleaner and my allergies have been alleviated.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Lydia

Worth the money! I have sinus infections and need clean air. I use this unit and can feel a big difference in my breathing, between using and not using this air purifier. I am enjoying the air this appliance lets out and am impressed with the quality and heavy weight feel of the filters and unit.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Judy

Best Air Purifier. This is one of the best air purifier. I leave it on 24 hours per day at the lowest speed setting. At low speed it is fairly quite. At the highest speed it makes a lot of noise. I have been using this for about 3months now. It has helped reduce my allergy and asthma troubles. I'm glad I spent the money on this air purifier.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Paul

Excellent product for Asthamatics! I was having Asthma and needed breathing treatments. So I bought this air purifier for my bedroom. It has worked wonders in my bedroom. I haven't given myself a breathing treatment in 6 days and doesn't need it so far.I highly recommend this for anyone who has asthma.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nicolas

The best air purifier! I love the Blue air hepa filters! The air is cleaner, crisper and I can breathe easier. I now wake up smiling, and much more active working out. This was the best use of money.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Moeller

Excellent Air Purifier. This is a well made unit. The difference in the indoor air is noticeable, There is a huge change in my sleeping no more congestion in the morning. I was not sure that the difference would be so large but it is, and this unit was a good investment.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Hughes

One of the most reliable air purifiers out there. I have used this for several months. The air feels fresh. I run it 24/7 and it is relatively quiet.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Thomas

Exceeded Expectations! This product exceeded all expectations. This is an Amazing air purifier! A must with pets. Noticed significant improvement in the air the day after I started using it and my sleep improved dramatically. Highly recommend the product.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Joanie

Fantastic! This is a wonderful product. I live in a dusty environment with many cats and dogs. I'm allergic to everything and couldn't breathe. My health changed immediately. I started using this. I can breathe and my non-stop sneezing, runny nose has stopped. worth the Money!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Alen

Excellent. If you're looking to get a Roomba, choose this one!. My husband and I love this one!. When I look at the dust it picks up, I can't believe my eyes because I don't see all of the dust and trash lying around. It's one less thing I have to do, and it was worth every penny!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Smitty

Awesome robot!! This model is much quieter than the older model I had. We have all tile and hardwood floors and it works great! The bin and filter are very simple to clean along with the brushes.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jack

Great little vacuum.. It is just outstanding how this works. You really can rely on it for all the floors in the house. Forget about your old vacuum cleaner. We had a previous model which was already very good, still works, but this new one is much better yet. No complains whatsoever.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sarah

Roomba works great! I have a two story house with both carpet and hardwood on the main level. I got tired of carrying my upright vacuum up and down the stairs every few days. Now I just turn the Roomba on when I run errands every other day and let it pick up all the dirts. This works very good and keeps my room clear!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Emilly

Makes vacuuming fun..This thing runs through the house once a day and does a great job. We have two pets that shed a lot and the pet hair used to be too much for my wife and I to keep up with. Now it's no longer a problem. Plus, it fit under our bed. Love it!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jacklyn

Best purchase ever!!! Love the Roomba 860. The 860 works hard and cleans well on both hard wood and carpet. The daily timer feature is awesome! Great purchase.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Chloe

Great buy! I was very skeptical about purchasing a Roomba, but after hearing how great it was from a relative with three pets I decided to give it a try. It has been nothing short of amazing. I can turn it on when I leave for work, and my floors are dirt and pet hair free when I get home. It holds a lot more debris than you would think. I empty it once every 1-2 vacuums.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mario

I love this model..This product is amazing. I have lots of hardwood and we just set it to go every day. When I get home my floors are beautiful.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Beverly

Great product. This is a great gadget!! I highly recommend it, now my place is cleaner than ever, and the best of all with minimum effort!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kathleen

Great machine!! No more vacuuming every weekend, more time to surf and fish. We have it programmed to run daily while we're at work. Overall very worth the money and you come home to that freshly vacuumed carpet look everyday. I wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars...
AceVacuums Reviews ~ David

Hydrated and Fresh! So far, excellent. The quality one would expect of Dyson. My husband and I love this humidifier. We've had it almost two weeks and are really happy with it. In the winter it gets too dry for us so we run a humidifier almost every night. The Dyson humidifier is quiet enough for us to have running while we sleep. I would recommend this, can't beat Dyson's quality.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Martha

Perfect..Dyson has a well-earned reputation for innovation, efficiency, and elegance. This humidifier is no exception.I was very pleased with the design of this humidifier. It was smart, in terms of the engineering design. Previous humidifiers I owned required a lot of maintenance. I had to do a lot of cleaning of them. I have to do a lot less work to maintain this humidifier.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Marvin

Works fantastic.This Dyson blows air out at a great rate while not drying out my skin (it sits on my desk by my computer so this is important). It's really cool to see the mist come out as it blows air, and the humidifier itself is well designed, not loud and actually pretty large. Fantastic!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jeffrey

Make the air very comfortable. This is so great and works like a charm
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Haynes

Very awesome product. Works fantastic. If you really need a humidifier this is the one. It works better than any others I have tried.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Marcelo

Great Product.. I am very satisfied with product. It works as advertised.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Clark

Best Humidifier I've ever used! Great humidifier, works excellent.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jane

Excellent unit.. Very quiet and functional. Works as advertised.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Lee

The Perfect Humidifer!! Easy to set up and fill, and runs very quietly while you sleep..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Anderson

Innovative Humidifier!! The Dyson humidifier is virtually silent, so silent I kept checking if it was on (it was). It's great looking and tall rather than wide like most humidifiers we've owned which is nice so it takes up less room. It's extremely easy to work and does it's job perfectly. We've used it many many times, with no problems at all. I highly recommend it and may buy a second one we love it so much!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Richard

Super quiet. It is super quiet. We don't even notice it when it is on high. We turn it on a little before we are going to use the room, set the timer to turn it off around the time we will be finished, set the thermostat accordingly, and forget all about it. We come in and the room is warm, it stays that way, and it shuts off automatically when we don't need the extra heat anymore. We are extremely pleased with the results…
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rachel

Excellent quality and design for a price..It's truly an amazing piece of technology and design. Gorgeous in appearance..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Hughes

Fantastic Product!! This is a great fan... BTW this fan is so quiet compared to the AM07, so their claims for being quieter are very much true. I like that it's smaller... and I like the remote with the timer... the heat it puts out is great, and the fact that you can make it a wide beam of hot air or a focused single beam of hot air with the touch of a button is very nice.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ James

Best in Market..I just love it. We have had heaters in our family room for years. Not one compares to the dyson. Within minutes the room is warm. It is very quiet too. Within no time it does exactly what it sets out to do.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Moeller

Wonderful! This is wonderful for several reasons. First the warmed air does not go straight up to the ceiling. It further mixes with room air and the heat introduced stays in the usable portion of the volume of the room. Secondly, because it does not cause any hot spots on the ceiling or walls, it does not increase the heat loss rate for the room, as other heaters do. Thirdly, the whole room heats up evenly .
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Liselar

Great Product..Very well made and cool technology. I bought this just for the heating part. I'm glad it also has the ability to use as a fan and had a great temperature control.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Laurie

Exceptional Performance. Its well engineered and actually looks decorative in our living room. The remote is very easy to use and secures to the unit nicely. This unit heats the room to whatever temperature you set it at very quickly.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Marcy

Well designed product.. The major advantage is a design which provides excellent heat without the fear of setting everything around your space heater on fire. It is also a unit that can be touched accidentally and will not see you (or your children or pets) walking away with scorched fingers, paws or fur. The remote is easy to use and the ability to control the dynamics of the airflow (focused narrow output or wide spread of air) is clever and very practical. The fan is relatively quiet, even at high speed. This is among the quietest fans or space heaters I've ever come across…
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kathy

Worth the price!! We find that it worth the price. It's not too noisy. As a heater, the heat circulates well while blowing out the fan. It is great that we can set a time for automatic shut-off. Another thing I love about this heater is that it will turn off when sensing the surroundings temperature reach to the set temperature. I love it, and if you have the budget, this is the one to go.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Donald

Really good quality, great for heat and fan.. It's quiet, energy efficient, has a great space saving design and can be used year round - it's terrific !
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Aelis

Light and Efficient. Its light and easy to carry around. It's quiet. Suction is amazing. It really does a great job of cleaning carpets. If you're looking for a vacuum that will suck away dirt and get into hard to reach out of the way places under couches and beds, this is the thing to get. It's worth the price. There are no annoying filters to replace or clean so it involves far less maintenance than other bagless vacuums. A nice extra bonus is that this vacuum is fantastic at dusting using the crevice tool with the little brush head extended.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Margos

Amazing!! I love the fact that I can vacuum under the bed and drawers with little effort now. The vacuum is very light and easy to move from room to room. I have used Dyson products for years and swear by them and this vacuum meet the standards I am accustomed to when using Dyson products.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Michele

The Best. I have a house with lots of carpeted stairs, so this is exactly what I needed to carry up and down the stairs, cleaning as I go. This vacuum is extremely strong and the attachments are all cleverly attached to the wand, making changing them out a snap.At first, I wasn't sure about the bagless canister because I was having to empty it quite often, but after the first deep cleaning, it works great
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Pamela

Love this Vacuum! It is so easy to use, powerful and quiet! Absolutely blown away and I'm so glad I got it. It handles 2 dogs, all sorts of dust particles and it even caught whatever was left from my old vacuum (Tried it right after using my old hoover). I'd highly recommend it…
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Susanne

Awesome Vacuum!! Since we just got new carpeting throughout the house, I wanted a new GOOD vacuum. My family also owns 4 dogs. Dog hair problem? Solved!! I've owned almost every brand of vacuum on the market, Nothing compares to my Dyson.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nick

Suction is great.. It really picks dirt and dust. It is easy to use, lightweight and cleans everything from the ceiling down.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Leslie

Great performance..Good powerful suction and easy cleaning. The tools are great- I like the turbine head and the improved combination tool (better bristle arrangement).
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tressa

Worth every penny!! I am so amazed by this vacuum. It does a fantastic job on everything. I love how quiet it is. My cat and dog do not get scared when I turn it on. The best Vacuum I have ever bought!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jaimers

Great!! Overall, I am very happy with this vacuum and believe that I made the right choice for my needs. I really like the suction power and for the most part the design. Since I received this vacuum cleaner I just enjoy the idea of vacuuming.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mark

Great Purchase.. Lightweight, powerful!This vacuum picks up everything and empties with very little difficulty. The suction is impressive, The attachment nearly glues itself to the rug. It is light weight and easy to use.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Vince

Works on all surfaces great!! I have had a Dyson upright vacuum for many years. Recently, we have realized that with three pets and two people in the house we needed something for quick tidy-ups. This has worked perfectly. We don't have to drag out the larger vacuum with every mess. We were shocked at how amazing this little powerhouse picked up ground-in dirt off the carpet as well as cat hair and people hair. I would imagine if I was living alone in an apartment, this would be all I'd need to keep the whole floor clean.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nancy

Great for people with pets! Best vacuum ever! This vacuum was exactly what I needed. I am able to whip it out and sweep 2 or 3 times a day if I need to. It's so easy to use that I clean more often. And the hair my animals leave is no match for this vacuum. The battery lasts long enough for me to sweep all the main areas of my small house on high suction and I still have battery to spare. If I'm doing extensive cleaning(high areas, stairs, bedrooms, etc.) I usually do it in spurts so that I can use high suction and not run out of battery.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ George

Works Great.. This is the best cordless vacuum I have ever purchased. Charges from dead in less than 3 hours, Sucks up everything, very easy to pop off container and clean. It's light, and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ David

Fabulous Design.. Its performance exceeded my expectations. This is a battery operated vacuum. And if you use the "Max" power setting, you will have enough juice to do two small rooms on one charge. It picks up an amazing amount of dirt and hair on any carpet style. The canister is clear and easy to empty and clean. It charges up quickly.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Paul

This Product rocks!! This is an amazing vacuum! It's quiet but very strong and so lightweight. I have one of the old dysons and have no problems with it other than the weight, so I knew I would like this one, but this exceeds all of my expectations and hopes..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Laura

Surpassed my expectations.. The V6 cordless is great. It is very convenient to not have to mess with cords. It charges on its stand with no problem. Great product that really sucks (a good thing for a vacuum cleaner). Some people have noted that the battery does not last long, but I have not seen that with mine. I have a 1,200 square foot apartment and have no issues vacuuming the entire place without the battery dying. I would buy again..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Diana

LOVE this vacuum. I have had this for a little over a week and I LOVE IT!!! It is light, maneuvers like a charm, very easy to use. The sound is not too loud. The suction appears to be very strong and the waste cup is easy to dump. The cup is small, but it is a design perfection with all of the components fitting together for an easily stored vacuum. Great product as far as I have used it till this date. I also like that it came with the various attachments..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Stephen

Worth the money. The best vacuum on the market. There are more powerful ones out there for sure but this is the one you will use all the time. The suction is not too far away from a decent upright, but its versatility and utility are par none. Third party cheaper batteries are available. Absolutely worth every penny.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Erickson

Great cordless vac!Love this vacuum! It has the same suction as my full size Dyson but is so light and maneuverable. Love it being cordless, great for quick clean ups. I have loved my old Dyson for many years, it still works great but it doesn't get much use now.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Joseph

Best vacuum cleaner ever!! Extremely powerful , excellent for carpets and very easy to bring around. As a single mom with a new baby and 2 dogs, I don't have time to fight with vacuum cords. This makes cleaning easy and it only takes me about 15 minutes to vacuum my house. It works good with dog hair (my dog has a horrible shedding problem)..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Elaine

Outstanding... Again! To be blunt, I am a cleaning freak, I vacuum daily. I have had every major brand on the market....well they all hit the curb for the dump when I tried this gem. Unbelievable cleaning power. So simple to use, a small child can do it. Not overly heavy...just the best damn vacuum EVER! Every crevice, every corner clean as a whistle in no time, adjusts from rug to floor to rug by itself.... this vacuum is just TOO good!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Toni

Love it! Great power and pickup.. So far, so good. I read a load of reviews on this Dyson and some were good, some not so much. But, overall, I'm pleased with the job it does so far. We have two cats that shed tremendously, and this baby keeps the fur down to a minimum. Granted, I'm vacuuming pretty much every day to keep it under control. It seems to do a great job on my hardwood floors and furniture, so I'm happy..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Danielle

Very powerful easy to use vacuum.. It sucks up all the fur my dog sheds (its a lot). I really like how easily it moves while in use. I like the clear canister because it allows me to see when I need to empty it. Cleaning it out is easy too. I thinks it's a good investment for people with pets.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Domenick

Great Vacuum Cleaner. This is an amazing vacuum. I can't believe that I ever lived life without owning this. It is really easy to use and empty and I am consistently shocked by how much it picks up. It does a good job of cleaning all the way to the molding. I love this machine. I plan to order more Dyson accessories and attachments for it soon.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Will

I would highly recommend this vacuum! Simply the best performing vacuum cleaner I've ever owned! It's amazing how it can go effortlessly from hardwoods to carpets of varying thickness - gone are the days of reaching down to adjust the hard to move knobs. I would defintely recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone - particularly people with long hair cats - it's amazing!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Robert

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! The suction on this vacuum is strong and constant. I really like how good my carpets and bare floor look after running the Dyson. The ball design does make it easy to maneuver and the filters are quite easy to access and clean..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kell

Worth the investment! This vacuum is everything it claims to be. I have two dogs and use this to keep the hair under control. Never loses suction, large capacity. I've never owned a ball vacuum but found I really love using it, makes movement a lot more natural and less irritating to drag the vacuum around. No complaints.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Allyson

You Will Be Dazzled by this Machine. Dysons are hands down the absolute best vacuums I have ever owned, used or seen. They pick up far more dirt and you therefore have to make way less passes to get things clean. They also last forever…
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Isaac

Dyson is the best. I really believe you get what you pay ...The vacuum has exceeded my expectations since I placed the order for it. The transaction and shipping were great. The vacuum was easily assembled and has performed flawlessly! I'm very pleased with my purchase.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kyle

The BEST vacuum EVER!! Extremely high quality vacuum. It is very easy to maneuver, and it is powerful enough to pick up all the dirt I've yet encountered. It is easy to clean with regard to filters and the brush head. The dust bin is very convenient to empty - the bottom of the bin releases, and you don't even have to turn it over to dump it out. It's quite amazingly quiet.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jessica

Very Satisfied. Great cleaning robot! Love It..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Patricia

Awesome Cleaner. Excellent Product..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ashley

Perfect!! We have a shaded pool in a wooded area. It has always been a challenge to keep the pool clean and the water clear. Since Mirra has arrived, she has kept the pool sparkling. We are thrilled with her persistence and capacity to handle various types of debris. She is easy to clean and easy to put back to work. Now our pool is always company perfect and we only need to employ her every other day.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Angel

Fantastic. This robot has made my summer more enjoyable. I used to slave over my pool, but not anymore. I have a salt water pool and it works great. I am very happy with its performance. My pool is covered by a huge tree and it was impossible to keep up with. I would recommend this to everyone..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sandra

Awesome pool cleaner!! The Mirra 530 has been an absolute pleasure to have. It is lighter, the filters are easy to remove and clean and it climb stairs well!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Pamela

This Robot works Great! Plug it in, drop it in the pool and it takes off. Even climbing the stairs. Would buy it again in a heartbeat. We have the house version (roomba ). Love them both.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Elize

Highly Recommended.. I am amazed at what the Mirra removes from my pool and captures in the built-in filter. I am very happy with the Mirra after using it over the past 2 weeks.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jerry

Five Stars. The Mirra 530 has been an absolute pleasure to have. It is lighter, the filters are easy to remove and clean and it climb stairs well!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tammy

Crowning jewel of iRobot's pool cleaning line.. You can place it in the pool and it has the capability to give a thorough clean, without the risk of tangling itself in its power cable thus requiring minimal supervision. Mirra 530 absolutely will not disappoint you.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Joshua

Intuitive Design. The Mirra 530 is the pinnacle of pool technology. It also offers unrivalled versatility. Capable of cleaning any in ground pool, there are optional attachments to optimise it for the job at hand..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Karl

Very powerful handheld Vacuum. I bought this to clean my cars and minor messes around the house. it has a very strong suction and maneuvers around the vehicle easily with the attachments provided. It is well constructed and a breeze to empty. Dyson makes great products..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Bobby

Supremely well designed.The suction absolutely handles all the dirt, rocks, salt and all other filth on my floors. There was enough charge left to go over the seats, too. In the house it was excellent for the couch- no more crumbs. Nice for stairs, too, as this vacuum is lighter weight than I expected.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rob

The little suction monster. Great suction, lightweight and super portable.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Patrick

Best car vacuum cleaner. Easy to handle and attachments are well thought out and clean thoroughly. Recommended..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sandra

Best Cordless Vacuum. The suction on this vacuum is more than adequate to pick up almost any debris in your car or around the house. There is also a max button on the back of the vacuum for those occasions when you need the extra suction. After two months of use, I find this to be a huge time saver for small messes as I don't need to drag out the big Dyson every time I need to vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jim

Powerful and Functional. This vacuum is so powerful. But it does a great job picking up everything. The suction is amazing and the array of attachments is quite nice to have.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sherri

Love It !! Works as advertised. Great everyday vacuum for both car and home.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Lee

Very Powerful Suction. Wow, this is one powerful little handheld vacuum!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Carolyn

Great vacuum! Bought this to help clean up the dirt, crumbs and stuff that the carpet on our boat picks up. Works wonderfully!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jared

Works wonderfully!Much more powerful and longer life battery. Works great!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Chelsey

Very Powerful!I put this vacuum together in 5 minutes, and was using it right away. Assembly was a breeze. This is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. This vacuum, by far, exceeds my expectations. It is easy to clean also.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Barbara

Easy to Vacuum.Really happy I FINALLY decided to make this purchase! Not disappointed at all. I am impressed with how much fine particle it pulled out of the carpet.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Alan

Great Vacuum.It cleans up like a rock star. I am very happy with it's performance and I am satisfied. After seeing what this vacuum can do I don't think I'll ever use a different brand again.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Logan

Worth Every Penny!!This is by far the best vaccum I have ever owned! I was amazed at just how much fine partial dirt came up. Also this comes with various attachments and extends to the point where you can vacuum things on your wall and some ceilings. I was able to clean the ceiling. I was astonished at the height it would go!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Roberts

Vacuums performs very well.. It does an AMAZING job. It picks up just about everything including dust that might have been there since the first day my house existed.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kelli

Fantastic!This vacuum does very well on carpet, tile and wood floors.I have carpet and tile and 3 indoor cats. Vacuums up cat liter off tile very well and I'm amazed at how much I get out of the carpet each time. I highly recommend this vacuum..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Liz

Wonderful Product.I love my vaccum. My floors are super clean now. The suction power is out of this world. After dealing with so many vacuums, I can say I am a true dyson fan.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Misty

Amazing.We have gone through several lower cost models over the last couple of years, never really happy with the results. We have a dog and two cats, so there can be a lot of fur.When we purchased this vacuum, we vacuumed our living room and office with our old vacuum first. Then we immediately used our new Dyson on the same carpet. It was absolutely shocking the amount of dirt and dust we found in the canister. Just in the 2 rooms, we filled the canister and had to dump it. Highly recommend this vacuum. You won't be disappointed.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Devin

Best vacuum i've ever used!I have two dogs that shed constantly and I love the suction of this vacuum and it is very light weight.This is by far the best vacuum I've ever owned, it is so powerful and so easy to handle I just love it!!! I strongly recommend this vacuum I just can't say enough about how satisfied I am with this product.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Chris

Awesome product...very pleased.This vacuum really sucks. Clearing out the dust bin is a snap, and not a messy process like with some other vacuums. This vacuum is superior to all other vacuums, in my opinion. I like to vacuum every other day to keep the pet hair and dander at bay and it is AMAZING what this vacuum finds. It gathers the tiniest of dust particles in addition to hair, etc. The attachments work very well. This is a powerful vacuum that I would recommend to anyone..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Daniel

Extremely Powerful.There are so many things to like about this - Powerful suction, clear bin so I can see when it needs to be emptied, easy to empty, "Max" button for even more power, useful attachments, very easy to use (comfortable to hold), can be mounted with a Dyson wall mount bracket, battery life hasn't been an issue. I would highly recommend this product.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Joe

Excellent. This is so much more effective than other hand held vacuums. It's not at all heavy or difficult to maneuver.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Brook

Great Product. I've loved every Dyson product I've owned so far and this is no exception.It charges quickly and has a powerful motor. Hard to believe it is cordless. It blows the air out the back so it can catch you by surprise as it blasts out. It also has a max power button for stronger suction if needed. It's easy to empty out as well and great for areas like your car, corners, high chairs, car seats, etc.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tania

Awesome!!This handheld has been great. Light weight and super easy to use.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Suzette

I cannot praise Jay at the Ace Vacuums Store in Leesburg, VA enough. I needed a small replacement inlet hose for my vintage Eureka vacuum and he identified the part number I needed. When he learned I was not able to get there soon to buy the part he even offered to bring it to me as a curtesy since it was on his way. I was amazed at this unbelievable helpful offer and still thank him for that effort to help me. It was not an expensive item, less than $10 but he still made the effort. I will recommend him to all. He proved how a true good business sense and helpful attitude should work. I am giving him 5 Stars. In fact, if I could give more than 5 Stars I would!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Sumi, Leesburg, VA

Fast and reasonable price to repair my old vacuum. Highly recommended this repair shop.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Kathleen B.

Emptied the dirt cup on my Hoover Wind Tunnel vac. Could not get the cup back onto the vac. After 1/2 hour of trying, I called Ace. I was told to bring it in and they would do it for me. Quick! Easy! Pleasant! No Charge! Nice guys! Now I have to finish cleaning my house. No excuses!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Ana K., Ashburn, VA

I found them online on a rainy day I needed a roller and belt for my Kirby vacuum cleaner and I called them to see if they had the part in stock. They said they do have it in stock instead of me going there on a rainy day they said can ship the part to me. We got the part the next day. Very happy about fast and timely service. Will support local business
AceVacuums Reviews~ Trcy T., Vienna, VA

Purchased vacuum online and after putting the order through i received a phone call from their customer service. They had the vacuum in stock and since I am located locally, they wanted to arranged a drop off date for me. Later in the day, I received the vacuum. Great fast and free services these guys have. I would highly recommend this store.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Gallaghar M., Ashburn, VA

found these people honest and hard working, bought a miele vacuum from them and me and my wife are happy about the whole process how it took place. They were very courteous and loaded the vacuum in our car. Good job guys
AceVacuums Reviews~ Katie W., Fairfax, VA

Took my mom's oreck vacuum cleaner for changing the roller, they told me it will be fixed the next day and also gave me a loaner vacuum cleaner. As promised my Oreck vacuum was fixed the next day. Great service friendly and knowledgeable staff. We use them again, my mom was happy to have her Oreck back.

I went to Acevacuums in Leesburg to repair my older Miele vacuum cleaner. They are very honest and knowledgeable. He repaired my vacuum while i was waiting there. He did not charge very much at all. I highly recommend this place.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Nancy J., Poolesville, MD

AceVacuums Reviews Great service, good prices, no complaints! Very convenient, They had the bags I needed

I bought my Rikkar Retriever in June 2015. It has been a great vacuum, especially with us having 3 cats. It is light and does a really good job on carpets and floors. The extending hose makes it very versatile for tight areas. Khaled was very helpful when I bought it. He pointed out the construction features that should make this a good vacuum for years to come. Vacuum bags are easy to replace and last a long time. Ace is a good place to buy a vacuum. Good prices and friendly service. I am writing now because I just got my Rikkar back from my free first year service. It looks good as new. ~Bill PerryAceVacuums Reviews

I stumbled on Ace because I visited the Chewy's Mexican joint in the same shopping center. I used to move around alot and always like to find a good dry cleaner, cobbler and vacuum repair store. Ace is the place. Had a good experience working with Khaled to check-out and clean my Simplicity (Riccar) and my wife's Meile. Khaled was good to work with and we even checked out the Meile coffee machine in his shop as he was brewing Mayorga Coffee (my favorite). Bottom line I would visit again and probably will when we want to exchange the Meile for a new model. ~Keith P.AceVacuums Reviews
Herndon, VA

We kept on thinking about our solution regarding dirty house due to pets and dust.
I kept on checking reviews but i could not find one that was best so i just dropped in at this store.
To my Surprise! I found a store i.e. Ace Vacuums (all original parts available and good vacuum cleaners) with good professional help.
They helped me in finding a good and economical and durable vacuum cleaner for our house.

Thanks a lot Team Ace Vacuum for helping me out. Will surely recommend others to visit you
AceVacuums Reviews ~Kenny U., Leesburg, VA

Our Kirby vacuum was becoming more difficult to use and then we noticed a smokey odor. Ace Vacuums provided an outstanding service. Today, the vacuum performs like new and possibly even better than when it was purchased. We are extremely happy with the results!
AceVacuums Reviews~Elinor S., Fairfax, VA

I recently bought a Miele vacuum, C3 brilliance, from them. They were to ship it to my house, but part of the shipment was late. Instead they actually hand delivered my order to my house, so I would get it on time. I never went to the store, but the person who brought the vacuum and the person I talked to on the phone to order it were both knowledgeable and friendly. The Miele vacuum is excellent, I have had other expensive vacuums, but the Germans really thought their C3 Brilliance machine out. The vacuum even has LED running lights on it near the floor, similar to what people do with cars.
AceVacuums Reviews~G S., Lorton, VA

For me, Ace Vacuums on Lee Highway, Fairfax, is the place to go for excellent service and advice. My first experience several years ago was a positive one, though I didn't need a vacuum at the time. It was nice to walk into the showroom to find the same friendly, knowledgeable proprietor who once again took the time to talk to me about the pros and cons of the various brands. I have a family member with asthma, so I knew I needed a closed-HEPA filtration system; and I have long-haired cats, and it's shedding season. I found the vacuum I was looking for, and the price was reasonable. I'm very satisfied, and I will certainly take my business to them for parts or service in the future.
AceVacuums Reviews~Brigitte H.. Clifton, VA

I went to Acevacuums store in Fairfax to buy a vacuum cleaner for my pet hair problem, the sales manager was very knowledgable about vacuum cleaners. He sold me a Riccar vacuum cleaner and I am very happy about the purchase. Now I have a very clean house. Thank you guys
AceVacuums Reviews~Jey R., Fairfax, VA

I took my Dyson Vacuum for repair. They fixed it the next day for an affordable price. I like the prompt customer service. Thanks.
AceVacuums Reviews~Alfred U., Ashburn, VA

I have purchased two different vacuums from this store over the past 20 years. A Meile and a Riccar. Their maintenance service has been exceptional. I highly recommend them. Check their prices for high end equipment and they will likely be the best value since they include a tune up after it is 1 year old.
AceVacuums Reviews~Scott B., Fairfax, VA

I found these people honest and hard working, bought a miele vacuum from them and me and my wife are happy about the whole process how it took place. They were very courteous and loaded the vacuum in our car. Good job guys
AceVacuums Reviews~Gallaghar M., Ashburn, VA

What a GREAT experience at this store!

I found myself in need of buying a new hose for my 20 year old Eurika canister. I have been to Vaccums Unlimited several times in the past, but never really had a great experience before this time. The previous times, the guy working the store was really not very friendly or helpful, and always was very pushy to try and get me to buy a new vaccum, when all I wanted were bags.

I came into the store and was immediately greeted by Chris, the new manager. He was VERY helpful in finding me the hose I needed. He had to make 4 or 5 calls to different companies to try and find the hose, but he finally was able to find someone who had it. I payed for the hose, and kindly thanked me for my business, and subtly asked me if he could show me some of the new vaccums on the market. I told him I didn't have time, but when I am ready to buy a new vaccum, I will come back and buy my vacuum from Chris.

Thanks Chris for restoring my faith in customer service!

I visited Ace Vacuums for the first time today and found them to be informed, honest, helpful and friendly. It's nice to go in just expecting to order a part and receiving a well-delivered explanation about proper maintenance from a personable gentleman. I highly recommend Ace Vacuums!
AceVacuums Reviews~Julie M., Annandale, VA

I'm new to the NoVa area and I needed a new vacuum cleaner. I knew the brand I wanted, it was just a matter of finding a dealer located in the area I was now residing. After looking through some websites I decided to try Ace Vacuums on Lee Highway. When it was my turn to be waited upon the gentlemen in charge listened to my interests and knowing that I already knew the brand I wanted showed me what he had in stock. At no time did I feel pressured to purchase something I didn't want and his explanations of the new features (compared to my old one) found on the latest models was quite helpful. He suggested the two models that interested me the most and through his help I was able to select the better option and was given a discount that kept the price in a range I had in mind (I didn't tip him off as to how much I was willing to spend). He was a kind, courteous and considerate during the whole process.

One reason I like the brand of vacuum cleaner I use (Riccar) is due my experience with Riccar distributors, Riccar seems to select representatives that are first rate professionals. I can't recall a time I have been played for a fool or not given respect by a Riccar distributor. I left quite happy knowing I received a good deal on a great product and that I found a vacuum repair shop I could trust for the foreseeable future.
AceVacuums Reviews~Joseph B., Burke, VA

Everyone in the shop is friendly. My repairs were done quickly and for a very fair cost. Highly recommend this small business.
AceVacuums Reviews~Susan J., Ashburn, VA

Took my old Electrolux vacuum cleaner to Acevacuums in Fairfax. The manager was helpful and fixed my vacuum on the spot. I was very happy with the service will go back to them for any vacuum cleaner needs.
AceVacuums Reviews~Jeniffer R., Fairfax, VA

I found them online on a rainy day I needed a roller and belt for my Kirby vacuum cleaner and I called them to see if they had the part in stock. They said they do have it in stock instead of me going there on a rainy day they said can ship the part to me. We got the part the next day. Very happy about fast and timely service. Will support local business
AceVacuums Reviews~Ana K., Ashburn, VA

No Comparison- Best Vacuum. So pleased with my purchase. Rolls easily, quiet.... couldn't be happier. Great product. Well built and easy to use.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Geoff

Very Nice Quality! Love it !!! Very easy to use and light weight. I have 2 kids, a dog, and a cat so needed a good vacuum. Even though it is pricey it is worth the money. Would totally recommend it to everyone..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Richard

We purchased a new Riccar vacuum yesterday at Ace Vacuums in Fairfax.  The salesman was very friendly and knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions.  He helped us select the vacuum that best suited our needs.  We were very happy with the overall experience and are pleased to recommend Ace Vacuums to others.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Joanne Newman

I am so pleased to have found Ace Vacuums in Fairfax to service and  repair my Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.  Khaled did a fabulous job and showed me a clogged filter that I never knew was there.  The bill was completely reasonable, and I am very pleased with my whole experience.  I would highly recommend Ace Vacuums to any of my friends and family.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Marianne Cruden

I took our Miele vacuum, which we bought at the Fairfax location, in for repair of an unusual noise.  I've had too many experiences with other products being repaired for outlandish prices, but not at this location.  It was repaired in a timely way for far less than I expected.  Based on my experience, I will be a loyal customer in the future.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ K. W. Gardner

I own a local family owned carpet cleaning business, and I was getting tired of seeing Hoover quality fall over the years, so I resorted to finding a new brand of vacuum for my business. At first I hesitated going to a vacuum store, because the salesmen inside tend to be as pushy as a car salesmen. 

Not the case with Ace Vacuums. I walked out an hour later (after talking about our businesses to one another for quite some time) feeling very positive about my experience. I came home with a new Riccar, a brand I hadn't really heard of, but was sold on it. 

I've used the vacuum for 6 months now, day in and day out in customers homes. In the 6 months I did have 1 failure, but Khaled gave me a replacement part right on the spot and advised me of how to prevent the failure for in the future.

I used a Dyson in my own home before (and still have it), but the Dyson has been collecting dust because I've been grabbing the Riccar off my work truck for my own house as well.

I would recommend this business.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mica Stramel

This replacement is the same as original, although the purple color is a shade darker it certainly is not of any concern. Prompt delivery, packaged well and good price.

Fast delivery, great quality and value!

came as expected
AceVacuums Reviews~ Mike H.

I'm impressed.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Paulette

these fit and work great. is nice to get extra belts too
AceVacuums Reviews~ deerhunter

Smooth and prompt.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Susan Marx

Very satisfied with shipping time and product ordered.
By Bill2350 on.

very happy with the product
AceVacuums Reviews~ Gregory H

Thank you!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Vicki Colburn

No complaints here. Parts arrived super fast and they worked perfectly.
AceVacuums Reviews~ USNeodCMC

Items as described fast service.
AceVacuums Reviews~ LJ GAOAY

Good job Parts worked well I got everything on quickly and when done it worked well
AceVacuums Reviews~ Poppi

I would use this site again.
AceVacuums Reviews~ curlcueen

on time and of good quality
AceVacuums Reviews~ Manuel

Great bags for a great price!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Sassy Kyle

I placed an order for a six pack of vacuum bags but only received a two pack. I notified the company and they promptly sent out the correct package.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Michelle Kastler

Very pleased with the service.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Gloria

These bags are BETTER QUALITY than the ones I currently have. Thank you!
AceVacuums Reviews~ EC

Love it!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Patronus

minor shipping delay, so far so good with unit operation
AceVacuums Reviews~ Melodee Loyer

It will be fine I am sure. There is one less row of brushes on this roller but maybe that will mean less grabbing corners of throw rugs.
AceVacuums Reviews~ JS

Arrived right on time
AceVacuums Reviews~ Alison Cook

thank you
AceVacuums Reviews~ James G

These came quickly and are exactly as described. I would order again from this seller.
AceVacuums Reviews~ SG

AceVacuums Reviews~ Laurie Neuwirth

I had no problems with seller and it arrived on time in good condition.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Cathi R

the item was as I expected and arrived on time.
AceVacuums Reviews~ auntcarli

No problems at all, fast delivery. Thank you.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Annie on a Horse

AceVacuums Reviews~ Debra G

I needed a belt for a vacuum and Jay the manager showed me what a better vacuum is all about and demonstrated. They had a nice selection of new and refurbished vacuums. I was not in the market for a new vacuum but in case I do need one I know where to go. I paid for the belt and was in and outta there in about 8 minutes. Nice place and nice people
AceVacuums Reviews~ Arlene B., Leesburg, VA

We stopped in to Ace to check out some vacuums. We did our research ahead of time as to which models/types we might be interested in. We also checked on Amazon, eBay, etc. to get a range of prices that the models could be bought for. Jay went through a thorough explanation, demonstration of the positive and negatives of the different vacuums that are out there. Like he explained, people have different needs and there are different vacuums out there for those needs. We had a Kenmore for many years, but what we thought was good performance was nothing compared to what some of the newer vacuums can do now. Since we are concerned about allergies, etc. Jay did a couple of demonstrations on the air quality of what;s coming back out of the vacuums. Long story short, we bought a Miele and, along with an awesome warranty, were given a price that was a couple hundred less than the best online price.

Needed my Miele vacuum repaired. Close location to my home and the cost was prepared in advance. When I picked up my vacuum (on time) everything was as expected. Vacuum is now serviced and working great! I will be back! BTW, Miele vacuums are fabulous!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Carrie E., Charles Town, WV

Very pleased with the help they offered. Were very friendly and able to get me an estimate in my repair in minutes!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Lori J., Hamilton, VA

I found Ace's customer service to be exceptional. They highly value repeat customers. While I did not receive a telephone call when my serviced vacuum was ready, they did a terrific job on the serivce/repair. The vacuum looks and works like new. I would go to Ace again to purchase new and have it serviced.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Mark C., Sterling, VA

I needed a belt for a vacuum and Jay the manager showed me what a better vacuum is all about and demonstrated. They had a nice selection of new and refurbished vacuums. I was not in the market for a new vacuum but in case I do need one I know where to go. I paid for the belt and was in and outta there in about 8 minutes. Nice place and nice people.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Arlene B., Leesburg, VA

We stopped in to Ace to check out some vacuums. We did our research ahead of time as to which models/types we might be interested in. We also checked on Amazon, eBay, etc. to get a range of prices that the models could be bought for. Jay went through a thorough explanation, demonstration of the positive and negatives of the different vacuums that are out there. Like he explained, people have different needs and there are different vacuums out there for those needs. We had a Kenmore for many years, but what we thought was good performance was nothing compared to what some of the newer vacuums can do now. Since we are concerned about allergies, etc. Jay did a couple of demonstrations on the air quality of what;s coming back out of the vacuums. Long story short, we bought a Miele and, along with an awesome warranty, were given a price that was a couple hundred less than the best online price.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Deb H., Leesburg, VA

I have been going to Ace for several years and have always had a positive experience. My older Riccar broke and I was in the market for a new vacuum. Jason spent a lot of time explaining the different functions of different vacuums. I had done a lot of research before coming in and decided on a Miele. So far I am pleased but plan on giving it a good try this week before deciding to keep. I felt no pressure to buy, but felt educated when I left. This is why I will go back to Ace for vacuum needs. Thanks Jason.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Sue B., Leesburg, VA

Great customer service! Had been in once before looking at the Miele vacuum and based on the wonderful demonstration given to me by Ace Vacuum employee Jay, I knew it was the one for me. Jay took the time to ask me what I needed in a vacuum and show me all the features of the one I was interested in. He is very knowledgeable about the products, was very friendly and helpful. He made the purchase of a mundane necessary household cleaning device as pleasant as could be. Thank you Jay and Ace Vacuums!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Deb O., Ashburn, VA

Very happy with the service. Jason is very knowledgeable and helpful. We had problems vacuuming new carpeting in our house. Jason helped us find the right vacuum for our needs.
I would recommend Jason and this store to anyone who has pets, allergies or just wants a great vacuum for a clean house!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Lydia W., Paeonian Springs, VA

Top Notch, here's why.
When I arrived, my expectations were low... I mean, my gifted vacuum died and I knew it was
going to cost me money. How much - I wasn't sure.

Guy from the store met me and he literally went to it.

1. He made a quick diagnostic checks and was knowledgeable about warranty
2. Then he quickly refitted, ran it a bit, fixed it again, and I was out. Must had been 5 mins.
3. He taught me about the vacuum and described everything perfectly.
4. Had a follow-on problem a few days later and that was corrected within 2 mins.

Very legit.

PS: Guy from the store is kind on the phone and does great with customers. He's running it down there!
Thanks so much!

Total cost - $0
Total time commitment - 10 mins, maybe
ACE VACUUM LEESBURG customer - definitely now
RECOMMENDATION: Definitely to all folks from Leesburg and Ashburn
AceVacuums Reviews~ Montez A., Leesburg, VA

This is the best place to buy or get your vacuum fixed... Super knowledgable ... Not pushy...

Have the part to fix your vacuum in stock... Really know vacuums inside and out...

I went in asking about a shampoo/steamers that my friend had bought and Jason was very helpful and not pushy at all. I waited a few days after doing my research and went back and bought one. I have used them years ago for cleaning of my vacuum and they did a good job with that as well.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Dora M., Leesburg, VA

I never thought I would write a review for a VACUUM store, but the customer service I received from ACE VACUUMS was awesome.

It just happened that my kids were getting sick from the allergy spread by two pet dogs in my house. I had the solution still it was a very old vacuum cleaner.
I searched the internet but no reviews made me comfortable in buying a good product at best rate. So, i decided to check my nearest store selling vacuums. I heard lots of info on different products, but was not able to finalise. Just then one of my friend hopped in the store and after discussing i decided to check ace vacuums store. To my surprise, store was well equipped and I just explained my problem to the Stores Manager he immediately came out with an perfect vacuum cleaner for my home the price was not too high. I decided to go with it, went home checked it it was perfect. I was so thankfull to the Ace Vacuum Personnels that i will not forget. Next day i went to thanks them for the solution they have given.

I would sincerely recommend people to visit this ACE VACUUMS STORE with their problem and I am sure they will provide a perfect solution for all problems relating to your product or recommend good products according to your need.

Thanks Ace Vacuum Team for helping me out. Love to go for some more products for air pollution. Will visit you soon.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Lilie M., Leesburg, VA

I went to Ace Vacuums the one on the Ferry Road, for I was facing too much allergy problems for my Daughter who is just 5 years old. Since I have two pets in my house and am using old Vacuum cleaner which was bought long back.
I asked the store manager if he can help me out of the situation.
He told me all the cons and pro of a vacuum cleaner which looked pretty nice. Told me about the affordable price. I purchased the "Dyson" Vacuum cleaner canister. It was delivered promptly in my car. I used it and found it very useful since it sucked all the pet hairs from the carpet with ease and in less time. I called the stores to thank them for the machine.
Yes i would definitely recommend this store to people.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Dawn C., Leesburg, VA

These guys are great. Always willing to work with us and they provide the best deals around.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Kenny U., Leesburg, VA

I bought a Riccar home carpet steam cleaner from there years ago and took it in for service because it lost suction. Unfortunately the parts were no longer available from Riccar. I was so disappointed that my only recourse was to buy a new one. But this is when the sales associate gave me a killer discount on the new model! I was blown away at that kind gesture.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Allison W., Leesburg, VA

Really great experience. I brought in my carpet shampooer for a repair job. I had had the thing for maybe 6 years after paying a sickening $350, and I was hoping to get more life out of it. They did the diagnostic (free) and ordered me the back-ordered part which arrived in maybe 1.5 weeks. Turns out, there was a miscommunication/misdiagnosis, and while shampooer performed better than when I brought it in, the problem was not resolved and yet I owed $21 for parts and labor. It was recommended to buy a new one (ugh). Jay apologized for the mistake and his desire to make it up to me. He then explained in great detail the poor design of my current shampooer, and recommended a unit that would fit my needs perfectly. He taught me all about this recommended unit and then told me to do my own research. I searched and read a LOT of reviews. Everything he said in praise of this unit was confirmed. I only read 2 negative reviews of the unit, and they were about the weight. I don't know how you can get water to weigh less... The unit was priced at about $350 anywhere I looked, if you could find it in stock. Jay made me a deal FAR lower than I ever saw online, and no shipping cost. It was a no-brainer. I bought it. I've used my new carpet shampooer a LOT these past 2 weeks, and I couldn't be more happy with it.

Great deal, great customer service, happy customer.

Jay knows his stuff. He even educated me on my beloved Dyson. I won't buy another next time around. I will definitely return to Ace Vacuums when I'm in the market for a new vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Janise G., Ashburn, VA

What a great experience! Took a chance walking in to see if they could just clean my Dyson and walked out purchasing a brand new Miehle C3. What a GREAT vacuum! I can't say enough about the manager Jay. He was so very helpful and really educated me on vacuums! I highly recommend this store for any of your vacuum needs!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Philip C., Ashburn, VA

Amazing customer service! I have never met anyone in my life who is as knowledgeable as Jay about vacuums. Jay is considerate of your needs and budget, and can recommend vacuums that are suitable for you. We've had 2 Dyson's in recent years and they just don't hold up. Definitely worth the money and time to see the difference a good vacuum can make. Jay is more than willing to you show you all the options and answer all of your questions. I cannot recommend this place enough.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Donna S., Leesburg, VA

These guys are great and very helpful at this store. You may have to wait a bit because they are so busy so give yourself some extra time. Jay, the manager of the store, takes his time demonstrating all the different products and gives suggestions on what works best for your needs.

AceVacuums Reviews~ I S., Leesburg, VA

Excellent customer service. I was happy with my purchase last visit and now when I need a maintenance, it again delighted me. I like the service and knowledgeable advice from Store manager Jason Bazensky. Recommend this store for quality products and excellent customer service.
AceVacuums Reviews~ Chris A.
Reston, VA

The Guys at Ace Vacuums are great! Not sure why people seem to be having a bad experience here, maybe there is new ownership. The people I got to deal with knew the vacuum world very well, offered me multiple options for what I needed and did not pressure me at all to make a decision. I look at these guys more as consultants than sales people. Make sure to get down to Ace when you need anything vacuum/air purifier related because the people here know their stuff! Long story short I brought in a dyson that sounded funny, and on the spot they diagnosed it and gave me some options. Very happy to say i decided to purchase a new Miele vacuum and I am (believe it or not) excited to use the product. Thanks guys!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Carl B., Ashburn, VA

I stopped by this store a couple of months ago looking to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. The sales technician demonstrated several models and I decided to go with the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. We negotiated a price, but I decided to hold off on my decision. I went back today and they remembered me. They followed through on my initial visit and gave me a great deal on my new Dyson vacuum. This store not only sells vacuums but services them as well, which means they are looking for a long term relationship with each customer. In addition to a great price on the product, they gave me an excellent three-year cleaning and maintenance deal. I am very happy with their pricing as well as the personal attention they gave to my needs. You're not likely to do better at the typical big box retailers. Go see Ace for your new vacuum. Tell them you read this review and ask them to do you right!
AceVacuums Reviews~ Jan D., Great Falls, VA

Love It! This is the first Miele vacuum I have owned, and so far it is exactly what I was looking for. Very nice quality and does a great job on my hardwood floors and rugs. I would highly recommend this vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Yorker

Excellent Design.This is a great vacuum, and is exactly as described by Miele. It is quiet, light, and yet very powerful. Living in a home with three levels, being able to carry the unit up and down, and using it on stairs (solid tube removed with head attached to end of flexible tube) makes it a joy to use.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Taylor

Cleans Perfectly. Amazing suction. Light weight excellent range the 36 foot cord make getting to all the corners much easier.This is a great vacuum cleaner...worth EVERY penny.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Christin

Quiet and Powerful. I cannot believe how quiet the machine is. The only sound comes from the air being sucked through the attachments. On the rugs it is almost silent. All the attachments are easy to assemble and switch during use. Power level is easy to adjust and other controls are well placed.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Brenda

Highly Recommend it! You can't go wrong with Miele vacuums. This is my second Miele canister vacuum. Reliable, sturdy, easy to use.....but best of all, they actually vacuum well. I have three kids and a long-haired dog and cat. I've owned nearly every brand of vacuum and nothing has ever compared. These are well worth the money!!!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ryder

High Quality Vacuum. The vacuum appears to be well made, and it looks great. Overall I am glad that I spent the $$ on a better vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Miriam

Well Made. The Miele Calima vacuum is the best I have ever used. It is quiet, powerful, easy to use, and the results are impressive. I finally have my dust problems under control. With the attachments that come with this model, I can clean pretty much every surface in my home.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Asta

Great Product. The Calima had everything I wanted in one package and I really loved the cheerful yellow color. Don't hesitate to spend a few more dollars on this vacuum, because you won't be sorry over time. It glides across the floor and sucks everything up in its path.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ H.Crowe

Excellent Vacuum. I have all hardwood floors and was looking for a good vacuum that would pick up pet hair but not destroy the wood at the same time. This vacuum has been a perfect fit. The maid was super impressed with it as well.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Valentina

Powerful! I spent days researching vacuums and I am so happy I went with this vacuum. I have 3 cats and mainly hardwood floors. The suction is amazing and the bags hold A LOT. This vacuum does everything I wanted.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Lisa

Very Satisfied! Nothing escapes the vacuum , it really gets rid of the dust effectively. My home has all hardwood floors, some tile, and area rugs. Perfectly suited for this vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Fox

Worth The Money. Very happy with this vacuum. We have two dogs and this vacuum has exceeded our expectations on how well it picks up all the dog hair. You can visibly see that your floors are cleaner instantly. So happy! So far we have had it for a month and have vacuumed daily because of how easy it is to use. You will not regret this purchase.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kim

Love this Vacuum. The quality of the Miele is exceptional and it is so quiet. It has a hepa filter so none of the dust goes back into the room being cleaned. I love it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ George

Impressive Cleaner!! This model Miele is well worth the price in upgrades from the basic model. Longer extension cord, 2 of their best floor tools, on board tools, larger bag space, AND an included HEPA filter!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nancy

Overall Excellent!! It has all of the features that I really like in a vacuum. It was a good choice.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tora

The Best Vacuum. Very quiet when set to mid-level suction. Previous cheaper vacuum cleaners would not contain fine particles, and it caused coughing/sneezing post-cleaning. The fine particles would then later settle on the furniture and the cycle continued. After using this product, those were gone. Very easy maneuverability even for older people, and overall excellent and impressive cleaner.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kathy

Amazing! So far I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Awesome vacuum for wood or vinyl floors. Has quiet mode. Retraction cord works flawlessly. Cleans perfectly and it's very quiet .
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Quatrano

It's a Miele so of course it's good. Love this vacuum. It's replacing an older model Miele. My older one still works great but the cord was much shorter. The complete C has longer cord and came with a really great floor brush.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Barrett

Very Happy with this Vacuum. Super amazing vacuum. Worth every dollar you pay for a Miele vacuum like this one. Really quiet and powerful suction.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Browning

Exceptional Vacuum Cleaner. Great price for a Miele, and they are great vacuums - easy to use, compact, fairly quiet, and best of all, have a HEPA filter.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Pam

Working Great! This vacuum is amazing. I was looking for vacuum that will last and perform. This is it. I highly recommend this product.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Brandy

Amazing Suction. Quiet, lightweight and powerful. Easy to use on our hardwood floors.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sharon

A 5 Star Canister Vacuum. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this vacuum!! It does exactly what it is designed to do: Works wonderfully well on hardwood and tile floors as well as very low pile carpets. And since it is a Miele, I know that it will continue to do it's job just as well three, five and ten years from now!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ K.Davie

Perfect Light weight Vacuum. The whole thing is very quiet, and there's no weird smells while it's running. It is really powerful, my little area rugs get attached to the hose if I don't lower the power setting. I have absolutely no regrets with my purchase and just love it. Love it!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nimbus

The Best for Delicate Wood Floors. I have had several canisters- they varied from too loud to too heavy. This is, so far, just perfect. It is better to buy a more expensive one and have just one, than to buy a bunch of others. It has no trouble getting under most furniture.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Joanna

Great Product. Good lightweight hard floor vacuum. The motor is quiet, suction is strong.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Davis

Lightweight. This is the best vacuum that I've ever owned! So quiet! Very strong suction and plenty of flooring choices to choose from makes this a good choice for pretty much anyone. It seems pretty expensive at first- - but, when you use it, you will see that it is worth the money. Plus, it looks really chic. I love the cord control and the extras that come with this vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kirst

Very Good Product. This is almost the perfect vacuum for our house. Give this pretty little vacuum a try- - you definitely won't be sorry!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sarah

Decent Vacuum. We have all wood floors with some throw rugs. We have a lot of cats and one dog so we have a lot of hair to pick up. So this unit may be a bit small for the job and will require a few more bag changes than we are used to. But, it is powerful and quiet. It is a whole lot better than the older vacuum it is replacing..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sherri

The Best Vacuum Ever.A million times better than any vacuum I have ever had. So much easier to use, so much stronger, and the bag makes it so much easier to clean. Our house is about 2000 square feet of hardwood, tile and some carpet, and this is perfect.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Annette

Perfect!! My house is so much cleaner with this vacuum, and not just because of its excellent suction power! I used to put off vacuuming for as long as possible because my cats hated the noise, but this thing is so quiet, especially on carpets and rugs.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jordan

Best Compact Vacuum. It cleans the floors very well. The cord is nice and long. It glides around all areas so smoothly. Does a great job on my cat hair and cat litter!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nicole

I No Longer Avoid Vacuuming. Amazing performance for such a light vacuum. This is my second Miele vacuum and I cannot say enough good things about it. .
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mike

Versatile. This exceeded my expectations. So glad I looked up the ratings for this brand before I almost purchased another canister brand.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ David

Easy to Clean. Love! Love! Love my new vac. It is handy and easy to use. It does a great job on floors and low pile rugs.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ralph.H

Best Quality. I totally love this vacuum. It is lightweight and still does a great job !!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sparky

Durable. Love this vacuum! Light and powerful. Makes cleaning so much easier.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mike

Highly Recommend!! We needed a light-weight but powerful vacuum for our delicate wood floors. This was the perfect choice.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ K.Coffelt

Five Stars. Beautifully designed, meticulously built, superbly ergonomic and optimally operational. This machine will *NOT* disappoint!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Perry Johnson

Quiet and high efficiency. I have limestone floors only, a large, long-haired dog who sheds and tracks in a lot of dirt, and several flights of stairs in my home and this vacuum is amazing at getting every single strand..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mike

The Cord is nice and long. The cord is JUST long enough to comfortably reach the whole apt without having to move the plug. The engineering and the details that go into the Miele products are truly exceptional!!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tiffany

Light Vacuum. . This little vacuum is quite compact, which was one of the important considerations when purchasing it because we have limited closet space upstairs. That did make me worry about how powerful it might be since smaller vacuums don't typically work as well as their larger counterparts. Well, let me tell you, I very quickly realized that was not going to be an issue! I vacuumed the entire wood floor, and kept hearing very satisfactory clinks and clanks as it picked up every single crumb, piece of dirt and other item off the floor! I have a dog and a long-haired cat so my floors are continually dusty/hairy and the Miele made short work of that fur as well!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Merry

Amazing Performance. This little baby is so compact and light weight. Even the wand is lightweight. The one touch cord retractor was quite handy! And finally, the double parking feature so you can attach the wand to the back or the side of the canister and have it sit either flat or upright in the closet is quite handy! It also means that if you have to stop vacuuming at any time, you can just park the wand instead of dropping it on the floor, or trying to prop it somewhere.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Moss

Norm Jacobowitz
AceVacuums Reviews
I have purchased two quality machines here in the past 7 years, at the Fairfax location. Khaled is awesome! He stocks quality products made in USA and Germany. If you want a great vacuum that has a real warranty and actually works, go here. It won't be "cheap", but Khaled's machines are real and come with a real warranty plus expert service.

Brittany Yaskow
AceVacuums Reviews
Vacuum shopping was such a pleasure at this location! There was absolutely no pressure, and Khaled was open and honest about the products I expressed interest in. They very clearly care about customer service and ensuring that their clientele are well taken care of. I'm beyond happy with my purchase and will not only continue to do business here, but encourage others as well who may be in the market for products they carry.

Akeda Yalkun
AceVacuums Reviews
I have had a great experience every time I have been in this store! I found Ace Vacuums a few weeks ago when the cord of my vacuum was broken. They are very knowledgeable in what they do and they repaired the cord in no time with a brand new one for a very reasonable price. Today my mother and I walked in the store to purchase a brand new vacuum. The owner Mr.Khalid Mostafa was genuinely trying to help, he purchased our old vacuum for a very good value as a trade-in and helped us choose a new one according to our budget and needs. They have earned our trust! Will definitely keep coming here for all the vacuum needs in the future and will also recommend this business to our friends.

Sherry B.
AceVacuums Reviews
My cheapo Eureka canister pet vacuum had what I suspected was a burnt out motor and Eureka customer service referred me to this shop in case I wanted to try getting it repaired. I decided to give it a shot thinking that if the repair cost was too high, I'd just get an identical new Eureka from Amazon.

When Khaled, the manager (and owner?) said it wouldn't be worth the cost to repair it and recommended a new Miele C1 instead, I was understandably skeptical but decided to hear him out because while I wasn't familiar with Miele vacuums, I was very familiar with the high quality of Miele kitchen appliances. He wasn't pushy about it and was good about explaining both the advantages and potential cons, along with letting me try one in-store. 30 minutes later and I was sold. Very reasonable prices for the quality -- not only the vacuums but also accessories like bags/filters. I had such a good experience with Khaled and the Miele (tried it for a month and think I like it even more than Dyson) that I just went back to the store and bought another one for my mom.

Incredible customer service!
AceVacuums Reviews
So I did a ton of research online and landed on one specific vacuum that I wanted to try out and likely buy, the relatively new to market Miele C3 Soft Carpet. I called on Saturday morning to ask if this store had it in stock, and there wasn't an answer. No worries, I thought. I can swing by after I hit the gym. Except the manager of the store called me back within 10 minutes! Who does this?!

Husband and I head to the store. Not only does he have what I wanted in stock, but he had already pulled out a unit to demo for me and walked me through all the features. He answered my questions honestly, including questions about what was likely to break on this model and maybe need service in a few years. He knew how often to change the filters, the capacity of the bags, etc etc. Husband and I left happily with our new vacuum.

Except then we got home, and noticed that one of the attachments didn't come with the box. We called up the store, and the manager told us we could swing by the store and pick up the missing part when convenient for us. Now that part I would expect, but he still went above and beyond by actually calling the Miele company about the issue. He told us that this has been a recent complaint for this model, so there must be an issue with the latest batch off of the production line.

We will gladly come back to this store for service on our unit (if we ever need it. This thing is built like a tank!).

Really nice shop owner
AceVacuums Reviews
I purchased a new Riccar vacuum that has a carpet and wood floor mode, and had my Dyson cleaned and serviced. They purchased my old Riccar off me. Dyson was well cleaned, and the new Riccar is awesome. These Riccar vacuums are very good quality, even though they look rather plain. I had my old one for 7 years and several pets - this is the best vacuum you can buy.

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Alysa Wilson
AceVacuums Reviews
Fast Service. I took my old dyson vacuum to Ace Vacuums. The salesperson told us that we could pick the repaired vacuum in a few days. The next day we received a call from this store that vacuum is repaired. Excellent Customer Service!!

Aaron Williams
AceVacuums Reviews
Wow!! Best customer service i have ever had. You will get my business again and i will recommend this store to everyone..

Adaline Williams
AceVacuums Reviews
Extremely Knowledgeable Staff !! 5+ stars.. I had ran out of my Vacuum Cleaner bags and wasn't sure where I could get them. I walked into Ace Vacuums Store & salesperson put a pack of vacuum cleaner bags in my hand.

Abby Jones
AceVacuums Reviews
What a Great store! They have everything you can imagine as far as what you need for your vacuum cleaner.

Brenda Anderson
AceVacuums Reviews
Great Service, answers questions and decent prices !

Betty Martin
AceVacuums Reviews
Very pleased with the customer service. Always doing excellent repairs at a very reasonable price.

Bruna Davis
AceVacuums Reviews
Great Service.. The salesperson determined exactly the cause of my vacuum cleaner problem and fixed it in no time flat!

William Young
AceVacuums Reviews
Honest Service! The salesperson here will answer any questions you have and walk you through your shopping process for what's best for you and your vacuum and for what use you get out of them.

Jacob Peterson
AceVacuums Reviews
Excellent Service!! I definitely recommend !!

Alexander Adams
AceVacuums Reviews
Excellent quality products and excellent service..

James Mitchell
AceVacuums Reviews
Fantastic service, would come back again..

Daniel Arnold
AceVacuums Reviews
Service is top notch!! The staff at Ace vacuums is quick, honest and reliable. I highly recommend this store...

Madison Brooks
AceVacuums Reviews
My vacuum cleaner broke. I took it to the Ace Vacuums, they fixed it no time. I am happy with their work and doesn't cost too much..Worth it..I will surely recommend them to others..

Brinda Lewis
AceVacuums Reviews
The salesperson at Ace Vacuums was incredibly helpful as soon as I walked in. He asked me about the the type of vacuuming I'd be doing. I was in & out in less than half an hour for about $180 all told, which is slighty less than the same model priced online..

Bella Martin
AceVacuums Reviews
I took my Dyson Vacuum to two other stores before bringing it to Ace Vacuums. I spent close to $100 but both the times the problem was not solved. But at Ace Vacuums they figured out the issue & fixed it. It has been working better than ever. If you have any problem with your vacuum take out the time & take it to this store..

Evan Miller
AceVacuums Reviews
I had a Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum and it was having some problem in suction. I went to Ace Vacuums and the salesperson fixed the issue within minutes. These guys know what they are doing and they are quick & eager to help..

Amalia Smith
AceVacuums Reviews
Both the times my vacuum broke I took it to Ace Vacuums & they quickly sorted the issue. Firstly a filter issue & then broken belt, both the repairs were very inexpensive..

Barbara Jones
AceVacuums Reviews
Ace Vacuums is the right place to get your vacuum repaired and to buy a new vacuum. The staff has a good knowledge about vacuums & repairs. Very honest & helpful..

Alice Brown
AceVacuums Reviews
We had a great experience at Ace Vacuums and our vacuum was fixed within a few minutes of wait & it was working like new and they made me happy. Quick Service!!

Katherine Dewitt
AceVacuums Reviews
Very honest & straightforward. I will be a return customer..

Hailey Ellison
AceVacuums Reviews
Service is friendly and efficient. The staff know their stuff & are fair with repair & costs. I use Ace Vacuums for my business & now I do all my vacuum business here..

Jessica Fowler
AceVacuums Reviews
Highly recommended. They will give you a genuine evaluation of your vacuum & other replacements. Very Helpful..

Caroline Flinn
AceVacuums Reviews
I brought in my vacuum with a torn hose. Instead of replacing it for $30 they patched it up for $10. I really admire their honesty..

Dominic Stewart
AceVacuums Reviews
Jason is awesome. I was planning to buy a vacuum & after researching a lot still I wasn't sure which one to buy. So I walked in to Ace Vacuums, thinking that I would get more information & walked out with an excellent vacuum..

Henry Parker
AceVacuums Reviews
Came here once & had a tremendous experience…Great !!

Alex Collins
AceVacuums Reviews
The manager was helpful & fixed my vacuum on the spot. I will go back to them for any vacuum cleaner needs..

Carlos Green
AceVacuums Reviews
This locally-owned shop is very nice & the owner is very easy to deal with. We took a non-working vacuum to the store & the store manager made it work within 5 minutes. It turned out that the 'overload' switch had tripped to prevent the motor from burning out. Highly recommended!!

Parker Wright
AceVacuums Reviews
Very honest & straightforward. I will be a return customer..

Richard Young
AceVacuums Reviews
I was told by another repair shop (on the next street) that my vacuum can't be fixed & I needed a new one, Ace Vacuums fixed it in 15 minutes for under $10.00!! I would not hesitate to give them my business for repairs, bags or a new vacuum..

Jonathen Lewis
AceVacuums Reviews
Customer Service comes first for Ace Vacuum. Secondly they think about profit, I am lucky to find this place for my vacuum repairs. I definitely recommend!!

Tyler Cooper
AceVacuums Reviews
I walked into Ace Vacuums to buy a vacuum. My price was limited but I felt like I got exactly what was best for me! Plus the warranty is great.. 7 years on the engine, 1 year on the parts. I felt really good at my purchase. I highly recommend this place..

Ryan Gray
AceVacuums Reviews
I had a nice experience with these honest folks, they fixed vacuum on time, at the price they quoted. Highest recommendations!!

Xavier King
AceVacuums Reviews
They fixed my vacuum in less than 10 minutes.. Terrific Service!!

Jennifer lawrence
AceVacuums Reviews
I was fed up of my old vacuum repair costs so I decided to go for a new one with top-end machine that would last for many years. So I walked into Ace Vacuums & told the salesperson that I was looking to try a Miele. He answered all of my questions without hesitation, and gave me a demonstration. The price negotiations were painless, & i felt they were being very fair with me. Overall, my highest recommendations..A business worth patronizing & supporting..

Gabrielle Morrison
AceVacuums Reviews
Super place for vacuums. Got a great deal on a Dyson. The salesperson at Ace Vacuums showed us the difference between HEPA & non HEPA. Overall, we were really pleased with the vacuum & the level of knowledge provided about the product..

Maria Howell
AceVacuums Reviews
I went to Ace Vacuums to buy a new vacuum. I told my requirements to the store manager. He explained in detail which woud be the better option for my cleaning needs. I didn't feel pushed at all, he was very polite, easy-going & helpful. Highly Recommended..

Erin Meadows
AceVacuums Reviews
I needed a new vacuum that would pull the dirt from deep down in our carpet and upholstery. It's hard to compare vacuum cleaners online because they all seem about the same, and the big stores were no help either because you can't get anyone to wait on you. At Ace Vacuums i got the personalized service & got a new vacuum at $100 off the pricewith some free bags and extended warranty. Nice deal!!

Sierra Dewitt
AceVacuums Reviews
Store Manager is an expert and would not steer you wrong. Most parts are in stock and the best part is that they are priced reasonably..

Zoe Flinn
AceVacuums Reviews
Honest Staff. I have come here repeatedly with the intention of buying an expensive vacuum and been talked out of it. Instead they encouraged me to try less expensive alternatives with my existing machine..

Sofia James
AceVacuums Reviews
Amazing!! Was there yesterday with my broken vacuum, Store Manager fixed it in 20 minutes and charged reasonably. Wow.. The best deal. Highly recommended.

Margaret Dewitt
AceVacuums Reviews
The customer service is phenomenal! Super friendly. Super helpful..

John Hill
AceVacuums Reviews
The service is superb! Ace Vacuums always has what I need. I've had my Miele serviced here and it's fast, inexpensive. Highest Recommendation..

Daniel Baker
AceVacuums Reviews
I had an old Oreck Vacuum that I bought here for maintenance and it worked like a new afterwards. Good Service..

David Young
AceVacuums Reviews
I bought a Miele Vacuum from Ace Vacuums. I bring it back here periodically for maintenance and buy any supplies I need. Always experience courteous and effective service..

Anthony Chavis
AceVacuums Reviews
Very friendly and very reasonably priced. I took my broken vacuum to Ace Vacuums and was expecting to pay lot more my vacuum repair, since I went in not knowing anything about why it would be broken. They fixed it in 10 minutes and told me that I didn't need to replace anything, Very honest..

Luke Henry
AceVacuums Reviews
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Great Service and good selection of vacuums. Definitely going back there again!

Gavin Reed
AceVacuums Reviews
All the staff at Ace Vacuums is highly professional and expert in their work. I recommend this store.

Timothy George
AceVacuums Reviews
Very helpful staff. They listen to what you need, recommend the best value and will explain the replacement on lower cost options.

Cameron Wright
AceVacuums Reviews
Friendly and attentive customer service. Know their stuff at the expert level whether you're bringing in a repair job or looking to purchase a new one.

Jaden Robinson
AceVacuums Reviews
These people are very professional. They were quick to get to the issue I had with my vacuum- just excellent. These are so fast that I bet they wouldn't rack up much time. I'll definitely go back next time I need repair.

Tristan Cook
AceVacuums Reviews
I needed vacuum bags and I could not find them anywhere! A friend recommended that I try this place and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience here. I got the bags at much cheaper price and store manager gave me 10% off my whole order! It was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely be back with all of my vacuuming needs!

Carson Campbell
AceVacuums Reviews
I think these folks are super nice. They tuned up my Dyson and replaced a part that I didn't even realize was affecting the suction, and gave me a great deal on replacement bags. They also took care of my vacuum in a few hours so I didn't have to be without it - even for one night! I will definitely continue to recommend this business..

Kendall Edwards
AceVacuums Reviews
These guys are great! I was in a hurry and just wanted to come in and get what I had already researched. They couldn't have more accomodating or friendly! Even in my hurry, they helped me in making a better purchase within my expected budget. Super excited about my new vacuum!

Leah Howard
AceVacuums Reviews
Recently I brought my vacuum at Ace Vacuums for a repair and was immediately provided with assistance. They quickly figured out the part that needed replacement and I got my vacuum back with a full service later that same day. Nice to have such place in town which you can trust..

Lillian Wood
AceVacuums Reviews
Walked in at Ace Vacuums to buy a new vacuum. The salesperson who helped me let me test out the vacuum with the different vacuum heads and walked me through all the differences in models as well as the functionality of the model I chose. This place is Great!!

Trinity Black
AceVacuums Reviews
Amazing!! They have it all in one store, hi end vacuums, mid-priced vacuums. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I have been there 2 times in the last month for different needs for my Dyson. They helped me get the parts I needed and helped repair my machines for less than I expected. If you have a broken Vacuum, they can fix it!

Riley Watson
AceVacuums Reviews
Great! They have a huge stock of vacuum parts and accessories at the store which is great because they were able to accommodate repair without waiting for parts to be ordered. Highly Recommended!It was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely be back with all of my vacuuming needs!

Mia Peterson
AceVacuums Reviews
Great store, great customer service. I am very happy with the service here, and with the vacuum we bought. Good value, and the owners were friendly and informative.

Rachel Foster
AceVacuums Reviews
Courteous service and quick turnaround. I have a Miele vacuum cleaner, a truly wonderful machine that gets heavy use. It's 4years old, though, and when I noticed that it wasn't sucking as hard as it used to, I decided to bring it to Ace Vacuums for a tune-up. These guys did a great job for a fair price and in a reasonable time frame (about two days). The vacuum is working like a champ again. They also cleaned it up and it looks almost the way it did the day I bought it!

Chloe Turner
AceVacuums Reviews
Wow! What a great store.. Seriously, if you need anything vacuum, filtration system, or the like . . . give them your business. They believe in customer service and do not abandon you after they make a sale. Love, love, love!!!!!!!

Lauren Brooks
AceVacuums Reviews
Thank you Ace Vacuums for a fantastic experience. Simple, professional and inexpensive. Everything I love about shopping.

Grace Harvey
AceVacuums Reviews
I have an old Dyson. It was dragging so I brought it at Ace Vacuums. Polite, experienced, well-versed help was on hand, I was quite impressed. Not only did they have the parts in stock they also installed them and did a visual inspection of joints, connections, etc at a reasonable price..

Skylar Haynes
AceVacuums Reviews
Super friendly folks! These guys have fixed my Oreck twice -- the service is fast, affordable, and reliable.. I highly recommend them and encourage all of us to support them with our presence and business..

Amber Mendez
AceVacuums Reviews
Ace Vacuums do a legitimate business, and they work hard. They're efficient, effective, and not too expensive. They're always available to repair, or to answer questions. They are good, and deserve our business.

Reagan Vaughnn
AceVacuums Reviews
Just had a great experience buying a Canister vacuum from these folks. The store manager was really helpful and pleasant. He showed me all the models and demonstrated all the groovy attachments. Wish every retail business were like this..

Bryce Norris
AceVacuums Reviews
Love these guys! I've taken my vacuum here every time and they are always super friendly, helpful, fast and reasonably priced! I will definitely come here for any future vacuum related needs.

Carson Hardy
AceVacuums Reviews
Great place...great people, great service!! I found the customer service to be five stars. Excellent place to buy a vacuum cleaner.

Cody Steele
AceVacuums Reviews
This place rocks in service and not only do they sell vacuums, repair them and sell everything for them...bags etc.. I've brought my Dyson here twice, once for a warranty repair and once to deal with a clog. Both times they were friendly, thorough and ever helpful. So buy local and check them out!

Riley Newman
AceVacuums Reviews
Extremely Knowledgeable!! They know vacuums in and out.They'll give you an honest answer. I've used them two times and the cost is reasonable. Friendly people. I will be going back to purchase additional accessories, these guys are great.

Ashton Munoz
AceVacuums Reviews
I recently brought my Miele vacuum in for service. The staff was knowledgeable, attentive, and thorough. In addition they gave me a free estimate to service the machine, replace the cord, and install a replacement part that had been broken. Their price was very reasonable and I should be getting my machine back shortly. Highly recommend!!

Avery Jimm
AceVacuums Reviews
These guys treat their customers well! I found the staff to be very friendly, helpful, and open to answering questions. A friendly capable staff and a good price is hard to beat.

Charlotte Russell
AceVacuums Reviews
I only needed a simple repair on my vacuum and it was taken care for me immediately. Haven't had any extensive service done here, but I would confidently come back for more services, if needed.

Amanda Walsh
AceVacuums Reviews
Fast & Reasonable! I brought my vacuum in today to be repaired & received it back same day ! $10 dollars less than the estimate! Thank you!

Kathryn Wolfe
AceVacuums Reviews
Ace Vacuums is a classy, honorable and fair. They know how to fix any vacuum and if the repair is too cost prohibitive, they let you know. They were patient, understand of my schedule and good to me in every way. Highly Recommend!!

Madelyn Lyons
AceVacuums Reviews
Took my Dyson to these guys due to a clog and a weird noise. I expected the worst but they said it just needed a cleaning, which took less than a day. You never know what you're getting with repair but they seem really fair, honest and helpful. Would definitely recommend..

Audrey Schneider
AceVacuums Reviews
Go here – You will so happy that you did! Wow - knowledge and experience, honesty, price, kindness, all while also being superfast - they are at the TOP in every way here - do not hesitate to give them your business!

Cole Griffith
AceVacuums Reviews
Excellent service and very honest. My old vacuum works like it just came out of the box. Thank you!

Angel Rodgers
AceVacuums Reviews
Brought in my old Miele vacuum cleaner for a deep clean and to fix the vacuum hose and it was done within days, looking and working like it was brand new!These guys are friendly and helpful. Thank You!

Liam Hodges
AceVacuums Reviews
Took in my Miele vacuum for service and new bearings. Was grateful for the friendly staff, timely service, follow up, and accurate estimate for work. They also offer fair prices on vacuum bags and accessories. Highly recommended!

Jeremiah Conner
AceVacuums Reviews
These guys are exceptionally knowledgeable. Polite, patient, professional service. Friendly too!

Avery Mullins
AceVacuums Reviews
Had great customer service and great pricing for the repair work that I needed. I would bring more work to them.

Wyatt Hines
AceVacuums Reviews
AWESOME! Brought my 5 year old Dyson in for repair and servicing yesterday and have it back in less than 24 hrs. Quick, professional, and great customer service. My vacuum looks brand new. Thanks Ace Vacuums!!

Evelyn Reeves
AceVacuums Reviews
This place is great! I brought my vacuum in and the guy fixed it on the spot and didn't charge me. He said it was a little problem and was happy to do it!

Jessica N
AceVacuums Reviews
I took my vacuum to a different vacuum store. Was told the the motor was bad and was quoted outrages price. I went to Ace Vacuums in Fairfax for a second opinion. They told me it was the power cord and would cost $20 to replace it. 1/10th of the cost I was quoted originally. Thank you Ace Vacuums for the honesty.

Barbara Erlandson
AceVacuums Reviews
I brought my 12 year old Miele vacuum cleaner in because it wasn't picking up pet hair and dirt/kitty litter would spit back at my legs when I cleaned. John immediately diagnosed that the problem was a squeegy strip that was missing, that the power wasn't pulling enough suction. In a couple days I picked up the repaired vacuum and its working great. The team is great, delivered the repaired vacuum cleaner early.

A Google User
AceVacuums Reviews
I went in there to purchase a new vacuum, when i walked in i was greeted and assisted. They are very knowledgeable and pointed me to the perfect vacuum for my place. I highly recommend Ace Vacuums, the prices are great and the service is great. Def will be back again!

A Google User
AceVacuums Reviews
I went to this place to get a belt. The associate looked at the belt and explained that I may need a new roller. He then showed me how the belt was worn and that this was a sign that something else was the problem. I went ahead an purchased the belt and sure enough the belt broke right away. I then took my vacuum to them and they fixed in 2 days. This store has very knowledgeable people and they give great service. 5 stars would be an understatement.

Reviews : Customer Service

Sheeba Uballd
AceVacuums Reviews
I took my vacuum to ace vacuums fairfax and got it serviced and fixed in one day. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. I recommend this store.

Thy Tran
AceVacuums Reviews
Very Good customer service. I needed to have my vacuum repair fast. I took it in, they told me part would take one day to order and it did arrived the very next day and I got my vacuum back the following day. They offer very fast service and would highly recommend.

Raj J
AceVacuums Reviews
I went to Acevacuums store in Fairfax to buy a vacuum cleaner for my pet hair problem, the sales manager was very knowledgable about vacuum cleaners. He sold me a Riccar vacuum cleaner and I am very happy about the purchase. Now I have a very clean house. Thank you guys

Vinil Exitehotels
AceVacuums Reviews
Excellent Miele Vacuum Repair store i found in Herndon and Reston location in Virginia.

MC Dale
AceVacuums Reviews
I have purchased several products including 2 Riccar vacuums from this store in the last few years. People at the store have always been knowledge and helpful. We did have a few service issues with my last Riccar and I had to wait a while to get it repaired. Luckily they were able to give me a loner vacuum each time which helped. Recently the Riccar needed another service and I had to wait a while as the service was complicated, it had to be sent back to the manufacturer. Because of these inconveniences, Riccar sent back a new, upgraded Riccar for me! On top of that I had a great store inservice by the kind Riccar rep. Needless to say, I am more than satisfied and happy with the way in which this store worked with me. Thanks to all....

Aristo Goldfire
AceVacuums Reviews
This is a great store! I get all of my vacuum supplies here and I purchased an IQAir HealthPro Plus which is is a top of the line air purifier. There is not a better purifier available for residential use. Ace Vacuum was very helpful for arranging the shipment to another city.

Jamie Mac
AceVacuums Reviews
Just got my Riccar back from Ace Vac after a servicing. Chandy (in particular) and the others were friendly and knew their stuff like each other time I've been there. My Riccar is still working fine 8 years after I bought it there.

gd gard
AceVacuums Reviews
I found the salesperson knowledgable about the products in the store and was provided with the answers to my questions. I have not had the vacuum cleaner long enough to rate the product but was very happy with the purchase experience.

Tony Chen
AceVacuums Reviews
Best Vacuum Store i found in VA

A Google User
AceVacuums Reviews
I have had a great experience every time I have been in this store. The clerk knows what he is talking about and doing, and is easy going and friendly. I was not surprised to see all of the positive reviews they have received. If you need a new vacuum or service to a used one, I strongly recommend going here! P.S. I have written about 5 reviews in my entire life(32 years)...I only write them when they are truly deserved, and this really is the place to go for any vacuuming needs!!!

A Google User
AceVacuums Reviews
I have purchased numerous vacuum cleaners from walmart, kmart, ect. and most have only lasted in my household for a maximum of 2 yrs. I dropped off my dyson vacuum that i had purchased from walmart about 1 1/2 yrs ago because my daughters allergies were getting worse. when I arrived at the store, the salesman was very knowledgeable about the allergy field and proceeded to show me a product specifically designed for allergy sufferers. Before now, Ive never heard of the Miele vacuums. The salesman explained how bagless vacuums do more damage to allergy sufferers, and even proved it with a little electronic device. I think its called a particle reader or something. The Miele was the only machine that filtered everything ...

A Google User
AceVacuums Reviews
i would definitely recommend this place. people here actually know what they r doing. i had changed 3 vacuums cleaners in last 4 years untill i went to this place 3 month ago and bought a riccar upright.. its been a wonderful vacuums so far. good service and knowledge about products. i recommand them if ur looking a good vaccum , they also offer trade in.

A Google User
AceVacuums Reviews
Quality Product,Good Price & Excellent Customer Service.I Will Recommend You to Go This Place.


 AceVacuums Reviews "Very pleased w transaction and product." - Linda Verderos

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 AceVacuums Reviews "I received the vacuum kit as ordered." - Evelyn

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 AceVacuums Reviews "great item." - Russel R

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AceVacuums Reviews "Very easy to install. We have had our Dyson for over 14 years now. I have replaced the cord, the switch and the brush(although I didn't have to) it is running like new." - Scott R 2015

AceVacuums Reviews "i know these are lifetime but replaced my 8 year old filter with this new filter and it made a made huge difference , also replace the HEPA filter and brush roll and belt. vacuum is working like new again (also took apart and cleaned cyclones (you tube))." - AVill2, 2015

AceVacuums Reviews "would do business with this Seller again" - John R 2015

AceVacuums Reviews "The product was delivered quickly and was as described." - 2015

AceVacuums Reviews "Great product" Miele C3 - Alethea 2015

AceVacuums Reviews "No problems" - JS, 2015

Extremely easy to install.. Extremely easy to install in Hoover-compatible Windtunnel Uprights- Bag aperture seals tighter against vacuum flange compared to paper bags.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jack

Exceptionally Strong.. Three layers of spun Filtrate HEPA filter media is exceptionally strong and resists breaking when bag is at full capacity.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Linda M

High Filtration (.3 microns) Vacuum Bags.. Ideal for households with allergy-sensitive or immuno-compromised individuals..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rosetta

Exactly what I was looking for.. These are the thicker "Hepa" filter bags to filtrate to .3 microns. These bags filter out the very fine dust. A little better choice for those who suffer certain dust allergies..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nortria

Best for Allergy Season.. Purchased these bags instead of our usual paper bags as we are in the peak of allergy season, and they do make a difference. While the other bags are just fine for the rest of the year, they don't filter the allergens as well as these.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ John Alberta

Great deal and fits perfectly..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mike

Fits Perfect..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Lisa

Great for a clean home.. These are very effective to decrease allergens.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Fred Davis

Just what I was looking for. Unable to find locally.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ronoracle

Five Stars.. Purchased these for my new vacuum. Really helps trap the dust and dog hair.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kimler

Nice filter bags..Thick, sturdy, hold lots of debris and do not puff dirt at you when discarding. Gets the house really clean.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Steve

Exactly as described and fit perfectly..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Cole

The Best.. This really is the best bag especially if you have allergies. Keeps fine dust in.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Connie Russell

I greatly appreciate the reasonable cost of these bags and the quick shipment!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ W.Anthony

Reasonably priced.. The bags were as excellent as expected. I have a medical condition that clean air is almost a necessity and these bags are great at trapping dust particles and lint.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ William .J

Five Stars.. These are the best bags ever. They fit to where no dust can escape.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ J.Jacobs

Great sale, thank you.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ernest J.

Perfect Fit.. Fits my vacuum and works great.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ G. Erdmann

Nice bags for our Hoover.. High quality bags that perform.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ William W.

Works Great.. These sweeper bags are top notch dirt, dust, hair, & misc. crud holders. They work great. I highly recommend these fine bags. They are just what we need. They fit good.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Charles

Best Vacuum Bags.. Work great as expected! No complaints whatsoever! Product as advertised, work beautifully in our vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ James R

Good Buy.. Wonderful bags. It was exactly what I needed. The order came on time. I'll order these again as I need them…
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nancy R

Vacuum bags are superior.. Good value and fit. These bags are sturdy and fairly easy to attach to the vacuum because the gripping part is stronger than other brands.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Gary

Awesome vacuum bags…The bags are good quality, fit easily, same as original Hoover bags.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ L.Magee

What a Great Deal!! They work great with my Hoover Wind tunnel upright vacuum and keep all of the dust and dirt exactly where it should stay - in the bag.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ George B

Light Weight.. Great quality HEPA bags.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ B.Gore

Easy to Use.. Very sturdy, extremely easy to install, and they close when they're done.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Brittany

Good Product.. Bags were just as I ordered at the lowest price I could find.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Richard

Perfect Fit.. Fits my vacuum and works great.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jeff

Great Bags.. It's nice to know that I have a resource for purchasing these, since the store I originally purchased my vacuum, no longer carries the vacuum or these bags.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Bobbie

Lightweight and Easy to use.. I love my Hoover vacuum and the vacuum bags work perfectly! I order these all the time. Great price too!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Lisette

Superior Quality Vacuum bags.. These are perfect. Excellent quality. They lasted a long time.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Betty R.

Real Deal.. Love the convenience.... Will order again. On time and as described !
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Paul

Five Stars..These bags keep my house smelling fresh. They are great..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Connie Cornell

Awesome!! Just what I wanted and at a good price.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Carol Jean

Works Great.. These vacuum bags are excellent. I have a cat and these bags are invaluable for anti-allergen purpose..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Katie N

Satisfied.. Bought for our Kenmore canister fits perfect and just as good as the bag that came with the vacuum in fact I just ordered some more of them.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Catherine S.

Awesome Product.. Arrived on time and fit our vacuum.. the bags work great..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Steve Edwards

As advertised - identical replacement! So far so good..Great bags and Good price.. Fit the vacuum cleaner perfectly.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Roxanne

Five Stars.. Arrived promptly and just as described. Fits well, catches the dirt, and that's what we need it to do.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tony

Bags works Great!! The bags fit the vacuum perfectly and I like the closure that keeps the dust from escaping the bag when you need to change it out.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ John

Great Value.. This item is very well priced, fits our vacuum. We'll order this item again. Thanks! Enjoy!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Don R

Great fit!! These bags do a great job and a great fit ! So glad they are working out perfectly, and much more affordable..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Christopher Gray

Fantastic Bags.. Good quality. At first thought it was wrong size compared to bags we were using but it fit and is working just fine. Great value for the number of bags in package.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Robert L.

Good Quality.. Way more economical! Very convenient! We have a dog and I have allergies so I change the bags quite often.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Marcello

Excellent Value.. We have allergies and this is a perfect bag for our Kirby Sentria. This is also the best price I have found. I always seem to forget to order them when I run out, but they ship fast so this is a great place to order from.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Stephen S

Easy to Install.. Arrived quickly fit perfectly and works as it should. Thanks!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Chiiron

Love these..Kirby products can be difficult and expensive, but these were so easy to install in our vacuum ! They last for quite some time, and have no problems. Will purchase again!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Karen Bunn

Perfect Fit!! Just what I ordered and needed. Perfect..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Toyman

Great..Extremely fast shipping, great price. Thanks so much.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kate

Fit my Vacuum.. Thank you for making it easy to have replacement bags on hand. These are such a wonderful buy. I love my Miele and really love that these are allergen reducers.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ruth Duffey

Good bags.. Excellent, perfect fit. Fast shipping as always. Good vacuum bags at a considerable savings over the brand named bags.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ron Courreges

Great Price. The bags are substantial, high-quality, and fit the original form factor perfectly. The price of them makes them even better. I would not hesitate to purchase these if you need a low-cost alternative to the expensive OEM FJM bags..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Brittany

Fast and accurate shipment.. The bags I ordered were exactly what I expected. The product was shipped quickly with excellent packaging. The price for the quantity and quality of the product is excellent.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Donald J

The Real Deal.. These bags are a great replacement for the Meile FJM bags. Great price, arrived quickly, and fit perfectly.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jack B.

Great Bags.. WILL purchase again, nothing beats the quality of these bags. 5 stars , highly recommended!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Bon

Love these Bags! The quality is excellent for the price. The packaging is excellent and protects it during shipping. I also received it faster than I expected!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Melissa

Perfect! I actually enjoy vacuuming now because these bags last a long time- even with all the dog hair and wool carpet fibers that I clean up every other day.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Pat C.

These bags work Awesome.. The bag is holding out great. I have vacuumed so much dirt with it and it is still not full. The other good perk is the fact that even the bag is getting fuller it doesn't decrease the suction ability.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sherri

The right bag for Miele.. Fit well, easy to change and long lasting. Strong material and wont break when you pull it out.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tyson

Worth Paying for..Awesome. Everything works as expected. There has never been any issues with the quality.I am very happy with this shipment.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Janine

Strong Bag Easy to change..I love these bags they are easy to replace and no dust comes out when you are changing the bag. These are exactly what they claim to be.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Muriel Nelson

Amazing Product, exceeds expectations. It holds a bunch of dirt and dust and is very efficient. The only bags I buy for my machine.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Thomas F

Highly Recommend this item.Arrived quickly, fit perfectly. Well made and I am very happy. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of them. Excellent value and fast shipping..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rosalie R.

Quick Delivery..The bags serve their purpose. The pack came quicker than expected and were in good shape. These will last a long time..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Diane R.

Great Replacement Bags.. Excellent product, great fit and more than my expectations.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Carol A.

Fine Bags.. Perform well and priced great! Exactly what I wanted.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Gloria J.

Great Quality.. Delivery was fast, great quality and the price is very competitive. Will order from them again!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kristin M.

Five Stars.. Love the vacuum and the bags. Received promptly, they fit my Riccar, everything is working fine. Worth the money..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Holly

Item as described.. Great replacement bags for our Riccar..Shipped promptly, and a great price-thank you! I will recommend this product.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Gordon Forster

What a deal !! Good bags that work great and are reasonably priced. It's arrived on time and intact.. I LOVE having a choice to get high quality at a lower price!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Barbara Hayes

Excellent Bags.. Quality product with great low price. As described, shipped quickly, fair price.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ronald

Work Great!! Bags are perfect size for our Riccar vacuum. Will purchase again..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Frederick M.

Reasonably priced.. Great product, arrived as advertised. I am very pleased with these vacuum bags and these are a lot cheaper than the place I have been getting them. Good deal.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sandi

Five Stars.. Great quality bag, definitely worth the money! Delivered just as ordered. Easy to install.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Michael T.

Great alternative to brand name version.. Works great with keeping the dust in while vacuuming. I recommend them.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mary P.

Five Stars.. Same bags that are great, but much better price!!!! They work just as well as the name brand. Arrived on time would buy again..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ J.Girard

Great price and prompt delivery! Fits my Simplicity perfectly. Work great. To my surprise, they arrived exactly one day after I order them! I will definitely reorder next time when I need more.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sherie Eiszele

Great Product. They work great and really keep all that yucky dust in!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Linda Fleur

Perfect Choice.. We love our Riccar vacuum. These replacement bags are great as they mimic the ones that came with it. Fit just the same, and just as efficient at a much better price.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kim

Same purpose less cost.. I use these bags in my Riccar and they work perfectly. No need in spending more money than one needs when it is used for dirt.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Elizabeth Brill

Great Deal! Super useful and helpful. Just as described.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ J Smith

Work fine, fit right. Bags fit just right and last as long as the original. No problems.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Julie

Great Deal and works well. Loves the low price. Great fit on my simplicity vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Janice K.

Great Value. These are the perfect replacement bags at a much reduced cost to Riccar dealer prices and function identically the same.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ David L.

Great Performance. I have been extremely happy with the performance of this vacuum and these bags. The HEPA bags are very helpful in controlling my allergy outbreaks. We own 3 pets and I am always vacuuming up after them. This bag filters out the dirt nicely.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rex Garcia

Great Value. Thanks for the great product that fits my vacuum perfectly.Great price will be ordering again
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Joe

As good as the expensive Original. When you have a vacuum cleaner that sucks as good as a Riccar, you need the right bags. And, these are the right bags!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ajanosky

Works great with my Simplicity vacuum! I cannot see a difference between these and the simplicity bags..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Philip M Simone

Good Deal! Am SO Glad I found these! They work great and are a LOT cheaper than having to go to the Vacuum store!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Michelle M.

Fits Great. It is harder to get special bags for my vacuum cleaner and I appreciate the fact that I can get them online and at a decent price. Works well!! Great replacement bags for Riccar!!!!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rick Christianson

Excellent quality & a very reasonable price ! An easy buying experience. Recommended!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tyler

Just as good as the OEM bags.. Fit and worked as good as the name brand. These bags are a good price and just as good quality as the more expensive ones. Easy to install and dispose of.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Clark

Well priced bags..Fast shipping! I ordered the bags last week and the very next morning they were here. What more could a person want. Plus the prices are the best.Great Value!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Gary

Perfection!! It was exactly what I needed. Thank you!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Julia

Fits Perfectly..The bags works well,just what I needed. I find these bags as good as the high priced ones...Fit perfectly and are a great deal..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kate

Excellent Quality. These are good enough. Good price. The quality is close to the original bags. I like the fact that you get more bags for less money.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Stephen Borace

Exactly as desired. Good price for this product. Came as described, fit my vacuum and shipping was fast. Highly recommend fast service and great product!!!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mark Robertson

Good Value.. Work great! These bags are priced right and are the exact replacement.. These worked perfectly and saved me a trip to the store.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Michael D.

Perfect! These work just fine and they are a much better prove than the simplicity bags. No complaints here. Will buy again when I need them.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Martin Mitchell

Excellent Value for a great bag.. Completely satisfied with the product. It's exactly what I needed and ordered.I would recommend these bags to anyone..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Angela D.

It fits perfect as advertised, excellent product!Easy to order and exactly what I needed. Works fine, costs less than manufacturer's bags.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ D. Parkinson

Good Bags.. The right product, works extremely well.The bags are easily removed and replaced and do hold a good amount of debris without reduction of suction. Arrived in a timely manner and fit my Vacuum. Not much else to say
AceVacuums Reviews ~ J.Evans

Cheaper and nearly as good.. I love my Sebo Vac. So, I give it the best bags I can. The bags were exactly what I expected and needed. Delivery was prompt. Thank you.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Dennis B.

Completely Satisfied.. These bags hold an enormous amount of dirt and hair so that makes them a bargain. Exactly what we needed for our new SEBO vacuum.. Delivered as promised, would use again.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Beverly Williams

Good Battery Life.This is an extraordinary little vacuum, whose power is consistent with a full-size vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Randall

Admirable Design.Great little vacuum perfect for cleaning up small messes.Vacuum works great, in fact, best I've seen in a cordless. Battery life is 18-20mins but plenty of time to clean a baby seat or crib, or baby's latest mess.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Lindsey

Premium handheld vacuum. The vacuum is powerful and is able to easily collect the dog hair, hay, and dirt around the house. It works for the full 20 min it says it does and the max power feature is great to get the stuck on dirt, etc. It comes with a crevice tool, wide nozzle tool, and a bristle brush.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mandy

Versatile!!It really picks up dirt easily, and is easy to clean. The motor is also a lot quieter (although more powerful). Having an array of attachments also makes the Dyson much more versatile.Wonderful Dyson Product.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Alayna

Far superior to other handhelds.If you are looking for a high quality handheld vacuum, the Dyson V6 is certainly something you should consider.It is amazing how fast you can become used to grabbing a handheld vacuum for those quick emergencies, or to go out and clean the car.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Maria

Wonderful Product! The Dyson V6 Baby + Child Handheld Vacuum is incredible! I am mom to a 3 year old and a 1 month old and this vacuum tackles all of the messes with ease.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sherry

Awesome Fan. Very well built and satisfied. I very much like the tilting and lowering capabilities. If it is close by I feel like I am in a wind tunnel.- It's very easy to clean, and shockingly easy to assemble.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Robert

Stylish and Safe! I really like this fan. The height can be adjusted low enough to blow right on me while laying in my bed. It blows plenty of air. Looks nice in a room and is quiet to operate. The remote is great as well.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Howard

Fresh and Clean Air. It is worth every cent! I have the fan in my home office and love the fact that I can stay cool without paperwork on my desk flying around. I also use it when ironing and it keeps me cool throughout the process. I love the fact that you feel the breeze, even when on a higher speed, but without the force of a normal fan, and much, much quieter. I would recommend this product to anyone who tends to be warm all the time and wants a quiet, easy way to stay cooler!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sharon

Love It! We love this floor fan. Like all Dyson products it unpacked easily, assembled easily. Highly recommend.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Williams

Far better than conventional fan. The best fan ever! Quiet and looks great in our living room. Cools the house. Gives the AC a break.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Carol

Quiet and Strong.This thing is pretty quiet and sends a nice breeze through the room.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jadwel

Perfect! I have a tiny bedroom, and this is perfect. It produces much more air than my cheap pedestal fan ever did. And its quiter..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kaylyn

The fan is Amazing!I absolutely LOVE this fan. It keeps my living room a good 10 degrees cooler than a conventional or tower fan. It really cools the air, unlike the others.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Fran

Extremely quiet even at high speeds. Using this in my bedroom....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE quiet and very adjustable blast of air.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Gina

The best fan ever. All in all, an excellent purchase, it can be moved very easily from room to room, and that is a big plus.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Paula

Awesome!I have mostly hard surfaces, with a few large area rugs. This sucks up so much dirt and hair, it delights me. I was horrified at the amount of debris in the canister after using it for the first time on our low-pile area rug. It is easy to put together and use, and beautifully designed. The only drawback is that is has so much powerful suction that it's hard to use on small area rugs.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jimmy

Love this.I love it. I didn't realize just how much difference there would be between the Dyson and my Oreck. I vacuumed my house with the Dyson just a day or two after I had done it with my Oreck. I was stunned to see how much dirt it picked up. It also does a fabulous job on the floors. It's so easy to manipulate. Awesome purchase!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Barbara

Five Stars. Best vacuum we ever had... easy to maneuver, easy to clean, ultra powerful. Happy to give the highest rating possible to our new Dyson DC39 floor canister vacuum cleaner. It's hard to believe it can pick up so much dirt at each use..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Larry

Amazing Vacuum! Excellent vacuum, has a lot of suction and works great on my laminate floors and carpet.Love it!!!! Quality is really nice!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Kia

Brilliant Vacuum Product.It is easy to handle and the suction is amazingly strong!Dyson makes good quality vacuums. If you have pets then this is a great machine.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Dawn

Does Wonderful Job. This is by far the best vacuum I have ever tried and I have owned many different brands. The multi floor works wonderfully both on my hard floor and carpets. It has a huge suction power and I can tell it cleans more, because I have to empty the dirt deposit after every use. It took months for the other vacuum to suck that same amount of dirt...
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Frank

Light Weight and Powerful!Works great. Pulled more dirt out of the carpet that I never knew was there.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Craig

Worth the Price.Perfect for the laminated floor, very handy and easy to clean. Very good vacuum in terms of power and portability.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Terri

Great Vacuum.Great vacuum! very easy to maneuver!Love it! Works well on hardwood and carpets and on furniture, baseboards, doors and blinds using attachments. It's all the vacuum you'll ever need. It has more suction power, is more handy and it is easier to replace attachments.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Allan

Multipurpose!The Dyson is fantastic!! It is very light and easy to move. It collects so much dust and dirt that I am embarrassed how dirty my house is. It is easy to empty, store, clean and use. I highly recommend it!!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jessica

Dyson made my housecleaning more enjoyable!!I have spent lots of money of vacuums in the past but this is the best money that I have spent. I have had this vacuum for 6 months and I love it. It's light weight and has great suction power. It's amazing the dirt that it gets up even when the floor doesn't even look dirty. It's easy to empty the dirt out into the trash can. I have half hardwood flooring and half carpet and it goes easily from one floor to the other. The compact head makes it easy to get around tight corners. The cord retraction is wonderful. I would highly recommend this vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tony

Wonderful Vacuum! Good buy..Best vacuum I have ever used. Enough strong suction to get dirt from corners and along walls. Very obvious that much thought went into the design. A joy to operate. We'll worth the money.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ericka

Best vacuum I have ever used.The vacuum cleaner is so far (after a couple of months of using it) by far the best one I have ever had in my life.Works great, picks up everything.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jim

Easy to Clean. It has great suction, easy to clean, and pretty much does exactly what it promises.Works great on hardwoods and carpet.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Laurel

So Glad I Bought This Vacuum! Exactly what I was looking for. Glides so nice on hard floors and pivots amazingly. Super long cord means I don't have to unplug it and the retractable cord is awesome!!! It also cleans carpets way better than our old vacuum. Amazing suction!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jefferson

It's Great!I think dyson inventions are awesome. I did get the hardwood floor attachment too. Works great & not big & bulky.Loving it.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jon

The Perfect Vacuum! It was a snap to assemble and it is very easy to use. The cord comes out of the back easily and the small size/design makes it roll across any surface with ease. It picks up dust very well and empties with the push of a button. If you have been thinking about the Dyson I would recommend this to anyone. The attachments go on intuitively and the front hose assembly attaches to the base and makes carrying the vacuum from one room to elsewhere easy.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Nancy

Excellent cleaning with no loss of suction! I couldn't believe all the dirt and dust it extracted from my carpets. This thing works great on bare floors as well as on rugs. It even worked really well on furniture (animal hair). The little ball allows the floor piece and hose to lay completely flat so it can slide under furniture, etc. It maneuvers very easily as well. Great product. I definitely highly recommend it.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Misty

It's worth the money. The amount of stuff my old vacuum was leaving was incredible. My carpets are fluffy again! Thank you Dyson!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Diana

Very happy with the Purchase! I love this vacuum. I've had quite a few brands of vacuums over the last twenty years and this is the best. It's easy to use and has great suction. Dyson is really worth the money!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Melissa

Great Vacuum.We use this in hotel and have been using for 3 years. Compared to Oreck, much sturdy and powerful. Belt does not break at all. The cleaner love this vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Karen

Lightweight.Love this vacuum. Light, easy to assemble, works great! Long cord makes it easy to get anywhere, picks up anything on hardwood floors, tile and carpet..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Joyce

Five Stars. Easy to Use, Strong Suction, Great Value, Good Size & Lightweight, Nice Design.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Vivian

Great Vacuum. The housekeepers on my staff love the lightweight vacuum. Carrying it to the second floor is no longer a chore. The two year commercial warranty adds value. Only thing missing is be a hose option. Pros: Cleans Edges/Corners Well, Good Size & Lightweight. Cons: needs a small hose for minor detail vacuuming.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Valerie

Best Vacuum ever! Very durable product. Works great.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Caterina

Excellent. As a business owner of a cleaning company, I highly recommend the Hoover commercial upright vacuum. The extension cord allows for use over extended area. The vacuum is an excellent choice and is very lightweight. I am pleased with this purchase and would buy this vacuum again.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jose

Perfect Vacuum. I compared vacuums for months. Finally bought this vacuum. So easy to push, easy to go underneath beds, lightweight and easy to use on steps. If you desire a shorter cord you can do so just use 17 gauge or higher. Didn't list hard floors because all of mine are carpeted. Very satisfied with this one. So glad I waited until I was sure what I would be satisfied with. Pros: Efficient, Easy To Empty, Lightweight, Long Power Cord, Easy to Use, Powerful/Good Suction.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jeremy

Super Vacuum. Works very well for light commercial vacuuming of flat carpets. Good handling, not too heavy, not too noisy. We like it. Detachable cord makes cord repair easy, just plug in another extension cord. No need to dismantle vacuum to wire in a new cord.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Deborah

Fantastic Vacuum.It cleans thoroughly with little back and forth. The extra long cord enables us to clean each floor of our 1500 square foot condo without plugging in in each room. It's also light enough to carry up and down the stairs with ease. Speaking of ease, it's easy to push unlike our previous Oreck. In fact that's the reason we bought this new vacuum and it also picks up dirt more thoroughly. If you want something functional and reasonably priced, this it it!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tobin

The Best! It had plenty of power, so light weight and easy to carry up and down stairs. Easy to use on stairs (has handle in center on back). So easy to zip around the furniture with this vacuum. The best part is that it is durable, easy to Clean, easy to Use, sturdy, high quality, good size & weight.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Sarah

Portable. This is a very good cleaner for everyday household cleaning. The cleaning head is small so you can clean places others can't without moving furniture. It also goes flat to the floor to get under furniture. The long cord is a big plus and the cleaner noise is not obnoxious. Darn good suction on multiple surfaces. Finding bags at typical stores is difficult, but a type "A" bag will work in a pinch.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Martha

Everything about this is Perfect!! Bought this vacuum to clean pretty heavy traffic work environment. Does a great job on our flat carpets and is very durable. It cleans edges/corners well, easy to use, sturdy, performs well, looks great, good for all surfaces, strong suction, good size & lightweight, nice design..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Terri

Great Product. I have had this for several years and it is fabulous! The cord is extra long, the on/off button right at your thumb, and it works flawlessly. Best of all, it is lightweight enough for a tiny woman to use.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Edward

Fabulous! Lightweight, great suction, gets under furniture, price great for comparative equipment, long cord. Downside, no attachment for extra cleaning. Serves its purpose though for our upstairs vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Phillips

Really picks up and is very light weight!This vacuum is the best by far. I feel it is more powerful and holds up better at 1/2 the price. I go through many cords on any of my uprights and the cord on this one is just a replacement with a heavy duty extension cord. I have found the bags are less expensive as well.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Elizabeth

Best Vacuum I've ever owned. It has got several advantages: automatic height adjustment, easy maintenance, and a few better-quality pieces. It has the same excellent performance on carpet as the Clean & Light. Thanks to powerful suction and a very long cord, vacuuming our house now takes 15 minutes instead of 30-40. This is the first vacuum with "brushed edge cleaning" that actually cleaned debris out of corners for me. I am impressed! This is a bagged model, which is a good thing. Bags are easy to replace and keep their contents inside when you change them. You don't have to buy filters every few months to keep the vacuum working.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jeanne

Excellent Vacuum. This is a nice vacuum. The cord is extra long which helps not having to drag around an extension cord. It is being used for at least an hour every other day.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Donny

Good Value Vacuum Cleaner. This is a great quality commercial vacuum cleaner. It is also light weight. Pros: Cleans Edges/Corners well, easy to use, sturdy, performs well, looks great, strong suction.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rebekah

Great Vacuum for the larger home. Just received my Guardsman! Power and cleaning capabilities are awesome. The carpet is clean and groomed. It is well built...metal handle and handle bail. The 50 ft cord makes it possible to clean long distances with having to plug the cleaner into every outlet in the room. Well worth the money! Not the cheap bag less, filter dirtying, dust chugging vacuum like what everyone buys today.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Veronica

Great Cleaner!!! I purchased this for the office and it is great. Easy to use, not "heavy" to operate, long cord, decent sized bags, deep cleaning, powerful vacuum. The only con is it is very loud. But, being for commercial use, I guess that should be expected.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Adrian

Powerful!! This is our second commercial grade vacuum. There is more suction and more beater bar control than vacuums four times the price. There are no attachments that you never use. Wish the on off switch was more convenient. The power cord is long enough to do several rooms.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Darian

Good Value. Easy to use, performs well, great value, good Size & lightweight, easy to empty filter.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Shanon

Cost Effective. So far, so good. Easy to assemble and easy to use with no annoying attachments.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Tracy

All in One. After going through 3 new bagless fancy vacuums with attachments and stuff, I went back to the old style Hoover and haven't regretted for a minute buying this Hoover. It cleans, it's adjustable, it has bags which I don't mind because buying filters for the bagless models wasn't cheap but needed often. Suction on this one has stayed the same since day one. Don't miss the all in one
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Claudia

Love this Vacuum. Easy to put together nice features good cord length, on off switch in a good spot.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Polina

Great Machine. I was looking for something that was heavy duty, light weight. This was the best choice for the job. If you want a good vacuum and don't need attachments then this is an excellent choice.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rox

Durable. I got this vacuum starting out in my cleaning business and i love it! It is light weight and very easy to use. It gets the job done right. After using this vacuum I would not want to use any other for the job at hand.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Celeste

The Best! Product works as described. Is a commercial quality vacuum cleaner.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jenny

Worth the Price!! Still the most cost effective vacuum on the market.It is a time tested design that to many may seem dated & too simple. That is exactly what I like about it. Because in the end, this vacuum will outclean many others out there today. When something is good, don't mess with it!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Lilaz

Lightweight. This vacuum is lightweight compared to many other commercial vacuums on the market. The Guardsman has a quiet, soothing sound to it. It is extremely powerful with excellent airflow. I was amazed to see what it had picked up. We use this vacuum on both very short and medium pile carpeting with excellent results. The only improvement would be being able to find belts more locally.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Rebecca

I'm glad I have it.I absolutely LOVE this vacuum. I really like sitting and doing nothing productive while the little robot cleans for me. It is very thorough and my carpets look better than they ever have.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jaroslaw

Easy Set Up. Set up is easy. Take it out of the box, plug in the base, charge it, press the button when ready. It really could not be easier. The hardest part for me was deciding where to put the base. The vacuum cleans really well. I was pretty impressed with the amount of dirt this little guy picked up on its maiden voyage through a few rooms in my house. It was quite embarrassing, although the house was vacuumed 2 days earlier and we were not home for most of the time since. As an aside, the device is quite comical, moving through the house. The kids thoroughly enjoyed watching it, although it terrified the dog. Also it is great at sensing stairs. I tried it out in the kitchen and it did very well at identifying the danger!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Winnie

Meticulous! It's meticulous in how it cleans, which I like. It gets pretty much everything. It goes underneath my kitchen bar. It will clean both bare floors and rugs. It has a rotating bristle brush that will need cleaning as it picks up fibers and dog hair. Climbing from a bare floor to an area rug can be a tricky experience for it, depending on the height of the rug. I have several area rugs that it does fine on save for one, which is thick; it struggles to climb up on it.The vacuum is powered by tractor treads which gives it better grip in these type of situations. It is probably the best robotic vacuum one can buy..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Josie

Amazing! This is a great robot and it does one job very well that is "vacuuming". The tracks allow the robot to crawl over many non-level areas and the 360 degree eye bubble allows the robot to survey its environment and to program an established pattern for each room. This is a great product and I think you will find it very useful for keeping your living areas clean.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Samantha

This is Great!! The pick-up power of the vacuum is great, as would be expected from a Dyson product.I must say that I think the Dyson 360 does an amazing job on my carpeted surfaces. I run the vacuum every day and am always amazed how much dog hair it picks up. The beater bar does a great job at getting the hairs out of the carpet and the suction helps them not to get stuck around the beater bar.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ J.Robbins

Love this Product. I love how this product works. It is SO neat. Charge time is about 2 hours and 45 minutes and run time depends on how big your rooms are. Typically 45 minutes, but that can vary. It picked up stuff that my old vacuum didn't pick up and that amazed me. Overall I think it is a product that should be in any home. Just like any vacuum, you need to be sure cords and such are not in the area or it will suck them up and malfunction. It also comes with a 2 year warranty and labor guarantee- which is pretty amazing. I also like that you only have to clean the filter once a month..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Marcia

Awesome Design. It's powerful enough to clean well on all surfaces, smart enough to navigate efficiently, and simple enough for anyone to use..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Karl

Clever Vacuum. I am very pleased with this vacuum. It's perfect and is genuinely useful and cleans remarkably well. It is definitely a time saving device where it can be cleaning while I am doing other things. It is probably the best robotic vacuum one can buy.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Toni

Great Vacuum. Powerful and yet very quiet. Picks up pet hair very well. High quality power broom that is easily extended or adjusted to add other attachments. Power on/off switch on the handle is very, very handy. Adjustable suction level is super useful to use on a variety of surfaces and objects. Get under beds and other tough to reach places. Filter prevents dust from coming back out into the room. My allergies have been improved by using this vacuum. Replacement filters and bags are on the expensive side. Auto retracting cord works as expected.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Camy Stevenson

Extreme Power. It is light, quiet and once again very powerful, it will easily pick up screw, coin or small toy, so watch out! The disposal bag lasts forever. The dust is getting compressed so well that it takes me about 10 uses until I have to replace the bag.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ K.Zane

Miele's are the Best!! Best vacuum I have ever owned. I've had many of the "best" brands and so far this one out performs every other one I've had. It is smaller and lighter than my previous canister but it loves picking up dog hair like you can't believe. Since I have 2 little dogs with long white hair that is important to me. The other thing I love is that it doesn't turn over like a turtle on its back - I really dislike that about canisters. I enjoy vacuum cleaning..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Cooper Johnson

So far so good. Mieles are the very best ever. Pricey, yes, but they last a really long time, so they are a great investment.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Mark

Very Quiet!!The canister is very light and it is easy to carry up the stairs. I have mainly hardwood floors with flat rugs and it cleans beautifully.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Donna M

Awesome.So far so good. It is the quietest vacuum I have owned and it really does suck, in a good way. No dirty air and dust coming out. I wish the cord was longer, even in my small home I have to unplug and move it. Also it tips over super easy. Overall I am happy with it but it is still new.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Colleen

Worth every Penny. Lightweight, great power and easy to use.It does a great job and it's easier to change the power brush ...
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Falconite

Excellent Vacuum. This new model is more lightweight (more plastic than metal), so it's easier to carry upstairs. It does a great job and it's easier to change the power brush because it just clicks in place.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Bianca

I highly Recommend it..I just used this vacuum to clean my carpet.My carpet was covered in cat hair. I mean covered. You would run your hand along it and gross gobs of hair would clump up. I really considered throwing it out. I just thought it was beyond cleaning, except maybe professionally. The Miele is this unassuming little nugget with a hose on it. You turn it on and it's like really quiet!This thing is legendary.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Judith

Five Stars. Awesome sweeper. Love this new Miele Classic vacuum. Super quiet and super suction. Extra long cord with power cord retractor. Tubes that connect sweeper head to machine are heavy duty. Love that there are 2 filters, and one of them can be replaced with a Hepa filter to help eliminate dust and small particles from your house. Power head works very well on all floors, from medium carpet to our hardwood and tile floors. Tools store on the machine, no more reaching into a box to find the right tool for the machine. Suction tubes have telescopic feature, you can make them the right size for your height.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Timothy W

Works Great!It's super quiet, yet performs really well! Plenty of power and vacuum-ability for carpets as well as floors. The adjustable power settings is a nice feature as are all of the included attachments. The precision hand tool is more precise than any other vacuum I've tried. The little area where my baseboards meet the carpet has literally never been cleaner.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Danielle M

Very Pleased with the Purchase. Very impressive engineering by Miele.The Miele is not bagless and when you change the bag, it's totally clean, no dust escapes at all! Also when in operation, there is no smell of dust or anything, it just seems like clean air is blown out of the Miele Yes, having to buy bags is a bit of an added expense but you know what? I'll take it for how well designed the Miele system is.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jeffrey

Best So Far.. I am happy with this vacuum after searching so many styles and makes. I have 2 floors and about 4,000 square feet with a combination of stone, hardwood and ceramic tile floors. This vacuum has been working well on all of them and is light enough to bring up 20 steps of carpeted stairs while vacuuming.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Patricia K

Wonderful Vacuum. Quiet, light weight, strong and is easy to use under furniture. It cleaned my low to medium carpets and hardwood floors quietly, beautifully and with little effort on my part. It doesn't topple over unless you move abrubtly and tug at it. It is compact for storage which I need. The red little titan is the best vacuum I have purchased in years. The cord is too short but I can adapt. The tools fit in it a bit awkwardly but I am happy. My house is immaculate and I look forward to vacuuming again tomorrow.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ronald

Great Product. This vacuum has super suction, very easy to use, does a fantastic job on both carpet and hard surfaces.The power reel windup is super nice! The soft power start is a nice feature, particularly considering the horsepower this vacuum has. I like the light weight of the unit, as this makes it very easy to take up and down stairs. The variable power feature has come in really handy for more delicate surfaces, never had a vacuum with this feature before. We looked at several other brands before selecting the Miele, and this one wins hands down.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Chickie

Best Ever!!Super, and I mean SUPER, quiet; powerful; quality parts; light. The air blowing out is cleaner than the air getting sucked in. We have three dogs, so there's plenty of dander, and not a speck of it coming out of this machine.The canister is really light and maneuverable and follows effortlessly.We love our new Miele.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jamie

Impressive Vacuum! Lasts forever. So easy to use. Great value. Worth the upfront costs and the cost of the bags.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Jennifer Brady

Good Make..Miele's are amazing. Totally worth the extra money. The engineers put a tremendous amount of thought in to ease of use. Great for doing stairs or reaching ceiling corners or just regular vacuuming. This model in particular is excellent because of the power head and its easy to use on/off switch. You can go from carpet to hardwoods without changing the head. Just flip off the power head when you get to the hardwoods.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Crozetian

Love This Vacuum. This vacuum lets me be in the same room while vacuuming even though my allergies are terrible. It filters the air instead of kicking up the dust. The bags are expensive but worth it. No mess. Easy to change and dispose of. No dust comes out. Cinches closed when you remove them.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Christin

Compact and Efficient. Fantastic sweeper, very pleased with quality and features of our new Miele.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Ann G

Cleans Very Well. Great vacuum. The suction is the most powerful of all the vacuums I have owned over the years. Very satisfied with the air filtration system that the vacuum has. The vacuum seem a little light and on a rare occasion has tipped to the side but could have be caused by the position I was holding the hose. On the other hand if you have to pull the vacuum behind you then light is good. I would have liked the tools to have had the capability to be stored inside the cover of the vacuum but being attached on top in no way hampers the functionally of the product. I would recommend the Miele Vacuum to anyone looking for a canister vacuum.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Anon

The Best. I am very pleased with this purchase. It is surprisingly quiet but picks up very well, even in the strongest mode. I like that the dial and on/off switch are labeled with larger, easy to read print/icons. Easy to move around and switch to the different tools. Would recommend.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Leigh

Five Stars. This vacuum is hands down the best I've ever used. I was initially hesitant to buy a vacuum that uses bags thinking I would be using several bags per month with the amount of cleaning I typically do but am presently surprised as I've yet to change the bag in two months. The bristled attachment is amazing for hardwood floors. I will never buy another brand vacuum again. Absolutely worth every penny.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Randolf

Super Powerful. Super powerful, very quiet, built as we should expect from Miele. We have 2,000 sq ft of porcelain tile, plus carpet in the bedrooms, this vacuum is perfect for our home. We also vacuum the couches and chairs every day, since we have a long hair cat that can't stop shedding, and this vacuum makes it super easy. Zero complaints.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Dee

Excellent Vacuum. So far an excellent vacuum. Light, powerful and quiet. It is packed with features. It's well constructed and vacuums well..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Bruce

The Best. This is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned, it is lightweight and compact, but the various attachments and settings allow for a wide variety of uses. I would highly recommend the Miele vacuum line!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Terry

Five Stars. If you have hard floors and a few area rugs, the Quartz is the vacuum to get. It's small and lightweight but obviously very well made. The adjustable suction is like a jet engine at its highest setting, yet remarkably quiet..
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Krugel

Excellent Vacuum. For dusty hardwood or tile, it's perfect and worth the relatively high price. Once you have a Miele you will never buy anything else. All of the positive comments I'd heard about this brand are true.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Niels

Great Vacuum. The fantastic suction of this vacuum, in combination with a Miele extension hose and extra wide floor brush, make vacuuming no longer a dreaded activity, and make the vacuuming of all the stairs much safer and more efficient. All parts of this vacuum are well-designed, and it is not too heavy and is very easy to maneuver.
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Frederick

Love it! Durable, Easy to Use, Best Quality, Easy to Clean and Versatile.. Super lightweight yet powerful and so quiet!
AceVacuums Reviews ~ Edward


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