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We sell the most popular and reliable Central Vacuums for residential or commercial buildings.  Get 10 to 15% off on parts and accessories for most central vacuum cleaners.   At AceCentral vacuums, a repair Specialist will be ready to respond quickly to your central vacuum issue. Most of the central vacuum issues can be resolved over the phone by our specialist at no cost.


Ace centralvac specializes in Sales, Service. Repairs and Installation of central vacuum systems for both residential and commercial sectors. Ace Centralvac services are available throughout northern Virginia, Maryland and DC area. 

We supply a wide variety of central vacuum units and accessories to suit any size project and budget and offer a free no-obligation estimates and quotation service.  

All of the power units we sell are manufactured to the highest standards and we can specify both American and Canadian manufactured power units, with excellent 5 to 12 year warranties and after sales support. 

If you are building or renovating a property, then consider the benefits of including a central vacuum system. Central vacuum system within any sized property, offers numerous benefit,  in particular improves the home value and greatly improves the indoor air quality, which in turn is a major help to Asthma and Allergy sufferers. 

The inclusion of a central vacuum system will improve your indoor air quality, because all of the vacuumed dust is deposited within the dirt canister, which is located away from habitable rooms, in a garage, loft, utility room, basement or cupboard.  

The other benefits of the central vacuum system, include a much quieter, quicker and more efficient cleaning experience with a wide selection of tools and accessories to make cleaning much easier. 

A central vacuum system consists of a Power Unit, which is located away from your living areas, in a garage, loft, utility room or basement. The Power Unit is linked to a small number of conveniently located Inlet Valves, by concealed (2”) plastic pipe-work, fittings and (Low Voltage) Cable. The pipe-work can be routed within ceiling joists, floors, service voids, cupboards, studded walls, floor screed and loft spaces and anywhere that can be accessed and hidden from view.  

Ace-central vacuums range of power units are manufactured to the highest standards and we can specify a unit to suit any size property and to suit your budget. The power units, include a wide range of motor, sizes and include our excellent 5 to 12 year warranty. Power unit filtration options are available in; Cyclonic, Inverted Bag, Cartridge Filters and Disposable Paper Bag.  

No matter what you are a looking for, we have a Central Vacuum System that will fit your needs, complete with all the accessories you might desire for either carpet or wood floor at an affordable price. 

We also supply power unit circuit boards, transformers, relays and various other items for any Central Vacuums and we can generally source replacement items for older equipment for many other brands of vacuum units.  

At Ace-Centralvac, we supply a wide range of replacement motors, filter screens, cleaning hoses and attachments, tools and accessories, inverted filter bags, Hepa filters and paper filter bags for our power units.  

Visit us or call us for free estimates and recommendations before you make your investment.


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