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AIRBELT E3 Premium

Durable Power Head with Manual Height Adjustment, 
Amazing Steering Ability and Easy Brush Roller
Removal - 
The ET-1 power head comes standard with
either the graphite, arctic white, or red E3 Premium
model, and has a 12-inch width. 

The ET-1 power head has manual, four-level brush 
height adjustment, that effectively cleans both carpets and hard floors and 
offers manual brush shut off, for use on delicate rugs or other floor types that
require straight-suction cleaning. Its amazing steering ability provides 180° 
maneuverability, and has easy brush roller removal, a convenient clog access
door, automatic shut off for brush obstructions, and a light that indicates when 
brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning or when the brush roller should
be replaced due to reaching maximum bristle wear. 

Brush Roller Removal, User Warning Lights, and Automatic 
Obstruction Shut Off - 
The ET-1 power head has easy, tool-free brush roller 
removal, a handy clog removal door, and a red warning light, with automatic 
shut off, for brush roller obstructions. Also, its warning light remains illuminated
during use, when brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning, or when the 
brush roller should be replaced due to reaching maximum bristle wear. 

Adjustment on Handle. Tapered Suction Hose - 
The handle includes a slider switch that provides convenient 
suction control, for normal to more delicate cleaning tasks. 
Its unique tapered suction hose further increases airflow 
velocity and minimizes clogs.

AIRBELT E1 Kombi and E2 Turbo 

The AIRBELT E1 and E2 models are straight-suction 
vacuums. Thus, they differ from the AIRBELT E3 as follows: 

Turbo Head and Parquet Brush, or Kombi Nozzle,
but No Power Head - 
The E1 
and E2 models have telescopic 
tubes and suction hoses without 
integrated power cords, so they 
do not accommodate electric 
power heads. Instead, the E1 
Kombi comes with only a combination nozzle, with retractable bristles, to clean 
hard floors and rugs. The E2 Turbo comes with an air-driven turbo head for 
rugs, and a parquet brush for hard floors. 

Suction Adjustment Switch on Canister Body - 
Because the E1 and E2 models have hoses and 
telescopic tubes without power cords, their suction 
adjustment switches are located on the canister body, 
not the handle.

A Flat-to-the-floor 3 1/2-inch Profile - A low, cleaning-head profile makes 
reaching under furniture and beds easy!

Mid-size Canister Vacuum - The AIRBELT E models are considered mid-
size canister vacuums, which mean they are smaller, more compact machines 
that weigh about four pounds less than SEBO's D-model canisters 

Three Full-size, On-board Accessory Tools -
A crevice tool, an upholstery nozzle, and a dusting
brush are on-board and ready for use at all times.
Also, many optional attachments are available that
can be fitted to the telescopic tube or the hose

Long, 25-foot Cord and 37-foot Operating Range - Its cleaning radius
saves time because it can clean large areas without changing electrical outlets.
Plus, the seven-foot suction hose provides superb user maneuverability.

Control-switch Cord Rewinder - The power cord
rewinds by simply pressing a button.

Large-capacity Filter Bag - The .92-gallon filter bag is
convenient and economical because fewer bag changes
are needed, and closing its built-in hygiene cap prevents
dust from escaping during bag removal or disposal. 

Three Protective, Rubber-coated Wheels, Mounted on 
Steel Axles - 
The power cord rewinds by simply pressing 
a button. The superb, rubber-coated castor-wheels glide
easily and gently over all floor types, providing exceptional
maneuverability and protection of floor surfaces.

Soft-start Feature - The vacuum's gradual power-up capability
extends motor life.

Convenient Parking and Storage Aids - After the
work is done, the suction hose and telescopic tube, 
with parquet brush, turbo head, or combination nozzle,
can be firmly stored on the canister's underside or
backside housing.

Full Bag or Clog Indicator — When a full bag, a clog in the airflow pathway, or
an excessively dirty microfilter is detected, an indicator window, located on the
canister body, turns orange and an airflow bypass valve opens. This feature
prevents overheating and motor damage from a lack of adequate airflow.

Patented AIRBELT Bumper - The soft, textile-
covered, foam bumper protects furniture, walls,
and the vacuum itself from incurring scratches and
scuffs during use. It also diffuses exhaust air,
which contributes to its ultra-quiet performance.

Three-step, Hospital-grade Filtration - It features a pre-motor filter, a
three-layer Ultra Bag, an S-class, exhaust microfilter, and a tightly-
sealed casing.


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