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Hello all Dyson customers, we here at Ace Vacuums would love to talk to you about common issues that our company sees with dyson vacuum cleaners and how to fix them instead of throwing them out.
We get all makes and models of Dyson vacuum cleaners that have common and simple issues that are easy to repair here at our store. The first issue we would like to address is probably the most common issue we see here which is loss of suction in the dyson vacuum cleaner.
This occurs for a couple different reasons: the first being is there is a clog in the machine. Something may have got sucked up and stuck in the hoses and then dirt being picked up came in behind the object which causes a blockage in the unit in which we have to get it removed and cleaned out.
The second could be because the dyson filters are bad and need to be replaced. Filters on any vacuum should be replaced every year to keep the vacuum running at its peak performance.
The next issue that we see is the dyson roller brush is not spinning, most of the time it's not spinning because the bearings are bad or there is hair tangled up on the ends and it heats up and melts the plastic causing it to stay permanently in place. With a simple roller replacement this issue can be fixed relatively easily.
On rare occasions the dyson power head motor may go bad in which case  we would need to replace just the power head. 
The next issue we see is the dyson vacuum isn't turning on, now this issue could be related to something as simple as a new on/off switch or a dyson cord replacement or could be more serious such as a motor replacement but until it is brought in for us to diagnose we wouldn't know.
The last issue is the burning smell or bad odor from the vacuum. Burning smells are usually simple belts that need to be replaced but it could be caused by a bad roller as well which would have to be replaced.
Bad odors such as pet odor or foul odors can usually be fixed by routine maintenance on your Dyson Vacuum cleaner. We offer full cleaning on dirty vacuums that help keep them running longer and performing better and also gets rid of pesky odors that may be caused by the vacuum.
For questions or just to get advice on what to do before throwing out your vacuum call us at 703-997-9292  or come see us at any of our locations and someone here can offer you the best advice 

Dyson vacuums can have a number of dyson common repair issues, including blockages, suction loss, and brush bar problems:
  • Blockages: Blockages can occur in the wand, brush bar, hose, cyclone unit, or filter. A full or clogged bag or canister can also restrict airflow and reduce suction. If your dyson vacuum is pulsating on and off, it could be a sign of a blockage, a dirty or damaged filter, or that the filter needs to be washed. You can use a flashlight to check for blockages in the dyson bin and at the top of the wand where it connects to the canister.
  • Dyson Brush bar problems: If your brush bar isn't spinning, it could be jammed by hair, threads, or other debris. To fix this, you can unplug your vacuum, remove the cleaner head, and use scissors to cut through the debris.
  • Dyson Suction lossIn addition to blockages, a dirty filter can also cause a loss of suction.

    Why does my dyson vacuum pulsate?
    The machine is designed to pulsate. This is an audible feature that indicates a restriction of airflow and prevents damage to the motor. This is usually caused by blockage within the machine or a clogged filter.

    Why does my dyson vacuum Brush bar not spinning/spinning intermittently?
    Please connect the floor tool directly on to the bin.  If the Brush bar on every tool spins when connected to the bin, please select the Wand is damaged.

    Why does my #dyson vacuum bin inlet flap is jamming?
    Remove the bin Pull the cyclone release catch upwards until the bin base opens.

    How long do #Dyson vacuums last?
    Dyson vacuum cleaners have a lifespan of between 6 -8 years
    longer than any other vacuum on the market—especially for cordless vacuums.

    Is it worth repairing a #Dyson vacuum cleaner?
    Why repairing your Dyson is better for the planet and your pocket. Is your Dyson vacuum cleaner not working as it should be, buying a new vacuum might seem like the easiest solution, but with a premium product such as a Dyson, having it repaired is often a better option than buying a new one.

    Is it bad to leave my #Dyson charging all the time?
    It's been engineered to allow you to leave it on its dock continually between uses, so it's always fully charged  and ready to go whenever you need to clean.

    Where to repair my #Dyson vacuum?

    #acevacuums is conveniently located in Fairfax and Loudoun county to service all surrounding cities from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC metro area.

    Dyson repair store locations in Virginia:

    Fairfax Store : 11110 Lee Hwy, Fairfax : Call 703 997 9292  X 1  #acevacuums@fairfax  

    Leesburg Store : 300 Fort Evans Rd NE, Leesburg : Call 703 997 9292 X 2 #acevacuums@leesburg  


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List of Repairs Performed

  •  Vacuum cleaner belt repair or replacement
  • Vacuum cleaner roller brush repair or replacement
  • Vacuum cleaner Filter replacements
  • Vacuum cleaner clog/loss of suction repair
  • Vacuum cleaner hose repair or replacement
  • Vacuum cleaner Cord or electrical problem repair or replacement
  • Vacuum cleaner Motor Replacements and Service
  • Vacuum cleaner parts replacements
  • Vacuum cleaner maintenance
  • Sewing Machines service and repairs
  • Central Vacuum Repairs and Service
  • Central vacuum installation
  • Free vacuum repair estimates
  • Same day repair services

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